Here’s Why The Chris Paul Trade Shouldn’t Bewilder Fans | The Warriors’ Veteran Players All Had A Problem With Jordan Poole, Including Stephen Curry

It appears as though Draymond Green wasn’t the only Golden State Warriors player that had an issue with Jordan Poole last season. The Ringer’s Logan Murdock, who covers the team, was a guest on “The Bill Simmons Podcast” and said all the Warriors veterans had a problem with the brash and cocky Poole.

Poole Sealed His Fate In Training Camp

“All the established guys had some version of a problem with Jordan Poole, whether it was Klay ironically saying that Jordan doesn’t pass the ball enough and shoots too much,” Murdock said. “And then you have Draymond [Green], who sees Jordan as this guy is like, ‘yeah, I did punch him, I did do all these things, but now I don’t have a voice within the locker room because of what happened.'”

Was Poole The Problem After All?

Poole is known to be a reckless trash talker and he was feeling himself a bit after helping the Warriors win a title two seasons ago. That type of behavior will rub established players the wrong way.

This past season Stephen Curry was so visibly upset with Poole for taking an ill-advised deep shot instead of moving the ball that Curry threw his mouthpiece in disgust and was ejected from the game.

Prior to the Warriors’ Game 7 against the Sacramento Kings in the first round, Curry delivered a speech that many believe was aimed at Poole.

Curry Was Talking To Poole In Game 7 Pregame Speech

“If you’re getting on this bus, you’re making a commitment to this team. No matter if you play zero minutes or 40 minutes. You’re making a commitment to do whatever it takes,” said Curry. “Prepare your mind and body for this opportunity we have. We got embarrassed the other night, and we never f—ing going out like that.”

Poole signed a four-year, $128 million contract extension just before the start of the season and had an uneven regular season. He wasn’t quite as sharp from three. But in the playoffs he cratered. Averaging a low 10 points per game, he was virtually unplayable.

Last month the Warriors traded Poole, Patrick Baldwin Jr., Ryan Rollins and two future picks to the Washington Wizards for Chris Paul.


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