Steph Curry Opens Up On NBA Future While Calling Himself The GOAT Point Guard | Magic Johnson Would Like A Word

Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry says he has no intentions of retiring before the final three years of his deal are up.

The 35-year-old sharpshooter says he’ll then decide what to do, if he’ll continue to play at age 38 or if he’ll head to the golf course, which has become his second love.

But one thing the former Davidson Wildcats star wanted everyone to know is he’s not ready to walk off into the sunset and call it a career. 

Curry, who’s also one of the higher-grossing athletes, has $167 million reasons to stick around for at least these three seasons. During a recent appearance on the “Gilbert Arenas Podcast,” he revealed a few other things as he enters the twilight of his illustrious NBA career.

Curry Says Only Time Will Tell

While, Steph is focused on trying to bring Golden State it’s fifth title during his era, he also addressed how much longer he’d dazzle us on the hardwood. 

“Somewhere in that range [20 years]. I never imagined myself being that 40-plus dude trying to hold on for dear life. But, who knows how my body will feel at that point? I got three years left in my deal. So, at least that, and then kind of figure it out from there. … I ain’t skipping to play golf just yet,” Curry said. 

Curry is still one of the five best players in the league, and from the looks of it he’s not letting up on the gas.  

Steph Says He’s Best Point Guard EVER

Not only did Curry address his future, the four-time NBA champion and two-time NBA MVP also responded to Arenas’ question asking him is he the GOAT point guard? 

“It’s me and Magic Johnson, is that the conversation?” Curry asked. 

“Obviously I have to answer myself. But to your point, Magic Johnson’s résumé is ridiculous. So the fact that we’re even having that conversation is a place that I never thought I’d be in,” he added. 

Curry Acknowledges Magic Johnson’s Legacy

Smart answer from Curry, he recognizes the greats like Magic who came before him. And while Curry is great, no one will ever unseat Magic as the game’s best point guard — ever. 

It’s a conversation we can have, and if anyone deserves a seat at the table it’s Steph, but it’ll always be Earvin “Magic” Johnson.  

Is Steph Curry Even A Point Guard?

This new era of positionless basketball with an emphasis on hoisting three-pointers is another factor that brings into question Steph’s qualifications to be considered a point guard.

He doesn’t carry the majority of the ball-handling duties for Golden State, they share it. Also, Curry’s shot frequency is more in line with a two-guard or “off guard.” He facilitates at times, but more often than not, his teammates are moving with the purpose of freeing him up for shots.

Sirius XM’s Eddie Johnson went ballistic on his basketball show, denouncing Arenas’ basketball knowledge, claiming Arenas doesn’t know his “basketball history” well enough to be an authority on the subject. This topic is sure to create much spirited conversation for heated hoops discussions.

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