“I Ain’t Never Meet Michael Jordan” | Social Media Influencer Charleston White Disputes Claims of the ‘GOAT’ Breaking Up Fight Between Him and Wack 100

An old clipped resurfaced over the weekend that involved Michael Jordan breaking up an alleged fight between social media influencers Wack 100 and Charleston White. The fight allegedly occurred in the parking lot of MGM Grand in Las Vegas after the Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao fight in 2015.

Michael Jordan (center) allegedly broke up a fight between Wack 100 (left) and Charleston White (right). (Photos: @nypost/ Twitter screenshot)

Jordan has had a hard time avoiding headlines for the past few weeks with his sale of the Charlotte Hornets being approved by NBA owners over the weekend and the recent comments he made about his disapproval of his son’s relationship with Larsa Pippen. The basketball legend, who usually stays out of drama, has somehow found a way to stay in the headlines.

His Airness Saves the Day

The resurfaced clip shows Jordan walking between a confrontation between Wack 100 and another person who many assumed was White. His Airness spoke briefly to Wack 100 and appeared to tell him to relax during the heated confrontation.

Wack 100 then turns to a security guard that appeared to be with Jordan and yells, “Don’t push me, get the f–k off me!”

The scene only lasts 15 seconds and Jordan was pulled away toward their car from the chaotic scene by his wife, Yvette Prieto.

Wack 100, whose real name is Cash Jones, has been at odds with White due to comments Wack made on YouTube. The self proclaimed music manager and the former gang leader social media personality are known for providing their input about any and every situation where they deem it fits.

It Wasn’t Me

Despite this story taking a life of its own on social media, White recently denied the allegations of him fighting. The Texas native went live on his Instagram and addressed a fan accusing him of being saved by Jordan.

“I been going live everyday. So, let’s look at this. These n****s really believe I was somewhere with Michael Jordan and Wack 100. Man, come on now, y’all gotta stop believing this s**t. I ain’t never in my life met Michael Jordan,” said White on Instagram Live.


Wack 100 remembers it differently and says the situation definitely involves White.

“I hear some scuffling and some s–t going on, and I look back and it’s White Boy [Charleston White] coming through that motherf–ker,” Wack 100 explained on ClubHouse.

He continued, “He’s moving the crowd. That n—a got about 5-6 steps from me, and I turnt on him, and squared up on him. He ain’t finna ‘Deebo’ me. You gonna wait. Out of nowhere, Michael Jordan appears, and his security. He sees what’s going on because the White Boy froze up. I told the White Boy, ‘Reach for your gun I’m gonna take it and beat you with it. Your option.’”

He says that is when Jordan stepped in between them.

“Mike come up there, [and says], ‘Brother, brother, we’re just trying to [get to our car].’ N—a, I don’t care what you’re trying to do. Either you’re going to walk behind me, or you’re gonna go around me, but you ain’t going through me n—a. Something going to bed. That n—a said, ‘You’re right, we’re going this way.'”

Both men are known to stretch the truth, and we may never get the true version of this story. So, we will just have to run with the speculation for now, but the facts are that Jordan did break up an altercation between Wack 100 and a mystery man.

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