“I Ain’t Got S**t For You Leak The Photos”| Adrien Broner Fights Purported Extortion Attempt On Twitter

Adrien Broner has said for years that he’s “About Billions.” Now someone seemingly is trying to take it from him.

A disgruntled former love interest took to Twitter with proof of their intimate relationship in the form of an image of AB lying in what looks like a hotel bedroom.

Going under the name @firstladygab on Twitter, the person has been coming hard for Broner, making threats this week.

“It’s not a game I’m not playing with you. I’m not playing with you. Why do you think I’m playing with you?” the Twitter user said in a now-deleted tweet.

“It’s Christmas. I need mine,” came the response before they added: “Why are you being weird to me?

“You got 24 [hours] to respond.”

Image Credit: Twitter @firstladygab screen shot

However, just like in the ring, Broner cannot back down from a confrontation. He clapped back with all the AB-isms he is famous for uttering.

“I ain’t got s— for you leak the photos. You shouldn’t let me f— [you] for free. Bye,” Broner tweeted at the extortion attempt.

“Mfs leaking shit from over a year ago I ain’t had a haircut in over a year

Image Credit: Twitter @firstladygab screen shot

“I don’t care about b****es leaking old nudes of me your part of my collection

“Next pair of t*****s And a** I buy is going to come with a refund if we break up contract f**k that b***h I ain’t build you up to sit on another N***a shelf b***h you my trophy!!!!!!”

Is Adrien Broner Really About Boxing?

Broner returned to Twitter for the first time since February 2020. He has gone on a ten-day posting spree revealing all his innermost feelings about where he wants to be in his boxing career in the process.

The always entertaining Broner was noticeably absent from the platform since August 2019.

However, Broner had been active on Facebook and Instagram during that time. Broner, a former multi-weight class world champion who was highly considered the next big star in boxing, has had many personal problems while in the spotlight.

Broner has had legal issues that have curtailed his career and led to short incarceration stays. In addition, he has dealt with alcohol issues and an inconsistent fitness regime.

Adrien Broner’s Miami Weekend Ends In Handcuffs And Homophobic Rants

However, Broner is ready to re-enter the fighting space since his unanimous decision victory over Jovanie Santiago in February. Before that, he lost a unanimous decision to now retired Filipino superstar Manny Pacquiao.

Broner, who is advised by Al Haymon and has fought most recently on Showtime, has hinted at aligning with Matchroom Sports’ Eddie Hearn, who promotes his fights on streaming service DAZN.

“When it’s all said and done I will be champion again!!!!!! No matter if I fight on @SHOsports or @DAZNBoxing

“If you people knew the money @HBOboxing and @SHOsports paid me all together y’all will f**king faint! Now did I blow a lot of it ‘of course’ but for y’all to still be talking bout that weak ass 40 million I turned down is a slap in the face to @StephenEspinoza and AL Haymon”

“I’ve been making millions every fight over 10 years now y’all do the math you idiots!!!!!! and now it’s time to make some more maybe it’s with @DAZNBoxing maybe it’s with @SHOsports shit maybe I be the first one to bring @HBOboxing back just know im must see TV 135-140”

Broner is one of a kind, and between ducking extortion attempts and fleshing out the remainder of his boxing career out loud, he is always a must-watch personality.

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