Adrien Broner’s Miami Weekend Ends In Handcuffs And Homophobic Rants

Adrien Broner is showing no signs of stopping his immaturity.

Adrien Broner is showing no signs of stopping his immaturity.

Over the weekend in Miami, Broner got into an altercation with police that got him handcuffed. Unfortunately, it was the culmination in a slew of recent ‘L’s’ for Broner and not just his big one against Manny Pacquiao.

It started on Friday when Broner was denied entrance into Voodoo Nightclub. Broner appears to plead with security but to no avail. This potential altercation ended amicably as Broner left without an incident.

On Saturday evening, Broner was jaywalking with Mayweather protege, Gervonta “Tank” Davis across Collins Avenue. When a driver honked at him, Broner got angry, smacked the hood of the vehicle and yelled at the driver.

Police, who were already out in force due to Spring Break, warned Broner to calm down. Broner started yelling at police and they cuffed him without an arrest.

Recently, Broner went on a homophobic rant after feeling disrespected by social media star Andre C. Caldwell. Famous for “I’m Delivert”, Caldwell claims that Broner flirted with him.

However, Broner claims Caldwell is slipping into his DMs and flirting with him. As a result, Broner unleashed a homophobic rant and may be expecting a lawsuit soon from Caldwell.

Broner is becoming more of an out of ring spectacle than an in-ring darling. The real question is, will he stay out of trouble and how will it affect his buddy Gervonta Davis.

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