Adrien Broner Takes Al Bernstein To The H-O-O-D

The confrontation at the final press conference for the Pacquiao fight opens an examination of perceived bias in the media.

Adrien Broner said he was fighting Manny Pacquiao for the H-O-O-D and he is showing it.

At the final press conference, Broner let boxing commentator Al Bernstein know he wasn’t feeling his Twitter fingers.

Bernstein hosted the press conference and asked Broner how this fight can help him turn the page in his career. Broner let Bernstein know what keeping it real with no chaser means.

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“I ain’t going to lie to you bro, I don’t f*ck with you bro,” said Broner from the press dais. “I don’t f*ck with you, you be talking too much sh*t about me on Twitter and i’m going to let you know. You b*tch a** n****r I’m going to let you know. I’m just being real bro, I really feel like you’re against me. I rather Roy Jones or Stephen A. Smith ask me some questions, I don’t f*ck with you.”

Bernstein attempted to assure Broner that he does not show favoritism in the fight, however, Broner continually shut him down. Bernstein attempted to ask one half of the head coaching team, Kevin Cunnigham, a question and was yet again blocked.

“It’s gang-gang, if I don’t f*ck with you, they don’t f*ck with you,” said Broner.

“Well I think it’s their choice isn’t it?” said Bernstein.

“It’s gang-gang, you know what that means? Gang-gang, take the ‘L’ on the low it’s over brother.”

“Well it’s not about me, it’s about the fighters,” Bernstein said.

Media vs. Social Media

Adrien Broner felt disappointed at the press conference not being in a bigger venue inside the MGM Grand. An opponent like Pacquiao delivers a Mayweather roll-out and his attitude is a combination of perceived issues.

The confrontation opens an examination of perceived bias in the media. Al Bernstein is a legendary color commentator on all the Showtime Sports broadcasts. He is very active on Twitter.

However, Twitter is not the media unless a post is made from a media outlet’s account. It is a place where people can be their true digital selves expressing with a freedom that unbiased articles preclude.

As a result of Twitter’s popularity, people with higher profiles are held to a standard by the subjects they cover.

Paging Donald Trump on that point.

Broner looked to Bernstein as an analyst and if his opinion spilled into his social media commentary, he is holding him accountable. Access denied for social media shade.

It is almost fight day and with cutting weight, emotions are always unstable. For those uninitiated to street culture, he took Al Bernstein from the Broadcasting booth to the back blocks real quick.

Bernstein was called out his name and Broner is at boxing’s highest level. It might not be the last time.

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