Adrien Broner Weighs In On Kanye West

Adrien Broner has been known for his impromptu outbursts and comical one-liners. Who can forget after his fight against Ashley Theophane when he needed everyone to respect his humble upbringing by admitting the necessity of eating ‘cornflakes and water’?

Or when en route to fighting Paulie Malignaggi in the Barclays Center, he decided to call his opponent’s ex-girlfriend and be sexually suggestive with her on speaker phone from the dais of the official press conference? 

In short, Broner has no chill. So it was ironic when he took to Twitter recently to give Kanye West a verbal beating for his recent comments surrounding Donald Trump and more.

Compounding upon his supposed rapper beef with Tekashi 6ix9ine, Broner lets West know, “Kanye got him f%&*$d up”. 

EditinKing Boxing on Twitter

Adrien Broner aint happy with @kanyewest

Broner begins to discuss how “they” gave “us” Meek Mill back and how they are trying to “take Bill Cosby” and he is adding fuel to the conspiracy with his new “oversized wearing clothes ass”. As a fellow Midwesterner, the Cincinnati, Ohio based fighter references West being from Chicago and how he can’t understand why he is exhibiting his current behavior. 

Broner takes it to the next level of hilarity when he recites the chorus to Can’t Tell Me Nothing and concludes that Yeezy has gone left instead of right.   

Broner himself was the subject of small debate when he mentioned that he was voting for Donald Trump during the 2017 Presidential election. And since he wasn’t specific about what statement or action West did that sparked his sudden impulse to share, it must have been impactful. 

Kanye West’s recent publicity tour has kept the world perplexed the last few days and it seems “AB” is no different from the rest of the world in trolling Kanye at every turn.   

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