Hue Jackson’s Foundation To Fight Human Trafficking

Activism takes all sorts of shapes. Though the type of activism that many are most familiar with involves rallying against established racism, sexism and homophobia, there are as many societal ills against which to rally as there are stars in an Arizona night sky.  

Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson is establishing a foundation to support organizations battling human trafficking, which encompasses both sex trafficking and labor trafficking.  Like many of this country’s sins, these crimes against humanity are supported by individuals in high places and with deep pockets. Really, really deep pockets. 

To that end, the Hue Jackson Foundation was launched on July 20th at the team’s headquarters.

“The Hue Jackson Foundation is committed to empowering children, teen and adult victims of Human Trafficking through the funding of organizations that champion for and serve as a voice for those who are being exploited,” a press release announced.

“Coach Jackson, and his wife Michelle, created the Hue Jackson Foundation for reasons dear to their hearts. Parents of three daughters, they are dedicated to supporting non-profit organizations that embolden and offer hope tovictims of sexual exploitation and coercion. The foundation will focus its efforts to further awareness, prevention and healing for this crime.”

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