Hue Jackson Out As Cleveland Browns Head Coach

Jackson’s record was 3-36-1 after two and a half seasons. We’re surprised he wasn’t fired much sooner.

I don’t know about y’all, but we were all cheering for Hue Jackson over here. 

However, all that cheering didn’t help the Cleveland Browns make it to the .500 mark after eight games this season. Following the disappointing smackdown the Browns received against a Pittsburgh Steelers team they competed mightily against for three quarters, Jackson was let go by ownership as per ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Adam Schefter on Twitter

Browns fired Hue Jackson, per source.

The Browns are 2-5-1 on the season and have a 3-36-1 record in two and a half years under Jackson’s leadership. Brown had been known as something of a player’s coach throughout his tenure, preferring to talk to instead of yelling at players, but that approach has not worked in Cleveland.

In seasons past, there were all sorts of problems the team had to deal with. A loose cannon first-round draft pick in current CFL QB Johnny Manziel, accusations of half effort levied against other players and a general expectation that the Browns would lose rather than win on any given Sunday were but a few of the obstacles Jackson tried and failed to overcome.

The maddening part for ownership may have been the fact that three of the Brown’s losses were by three points. Cleveland could have won each of those games if it weren’t for one or two plays. That, ladies and gentlemen, is due to poor execution on offense. Poor execution is inevitably an anchor that always weighs heavier around the neck of the coach than the players.

Though rookie Baker Mayfield has shown flashes, the Browns offense is ranked 24th in both yardage (342.4 per game) and scoring (21.1 points a game).  The only thing that will get a coach fired faster than mediocrity is mediocrity with flashes of brilliance.

DE Myles Garrett, rookie cornerback Andre Ward and Mayfield have each shown that they can play in the NFL at a high level, but hopes for the future mean very little when the present is riddled with disappointment.

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