‘His Mental Aptitude Has Been As Advertised’ | Find Out Why Carolina Panthers Already Hit The Jackpot With Rookie Bryce Young

The Carolina Panthers didn’t let concerns over the size of diminutive quarterback Bryce Young deter them from drafting him No. 1 overall. For what Young lacks in size he more than makes up for with his cerebral play. That helped him win the Heisman in his first year as the starter at Alabama, and it’s definitely why he’s slated to lead the Panthers in Week 1 of the season. 

Young, has been so impressive throughout OTAs and mandatory minicamp that first-year head coach bumped the former Mater Dei gunslinger up to the first team early this offseason. It was a sign that Carolina’s coaching staff and veteran players trust the rookie to lead them from the jump in 2023. 

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler raved about Young during a recent appearance on Get Up, saying the Panthers view Young as a savant.

Pre-Draft Perceptions About Young Are Definitely Legit

Panthers head coach Frank Reich’s offense has been called difficult to grasp, but Young hit the road running and per reports is handling the transition with ease. Here’s what the aforementioned Fowler had to say about Young’s play this far. 

“I was told his mental aptitude has been as advertised. That’s what he was known for during the draft process, as a mental savant. I was told the Panthers offense is a hard install. It’s got shades of the Los Angeles Rams system from new offensive coordinator Thomas Brown. No new quarterback bats 100 in learning in the first month, but I was told he was pretty darn close to 100 percent. So, the Panthers really believe that as long as he has command of the offense, they’re in good shape. They don’t need him to be a hero because this is a really good emerging roster.”

Sounds like the Panthers made the right choice in drafting Young, who’s mature, humble and always prepared. 

Young’s Character Traits Are Hard To Ignore

With any young player, it takes some time for them to mature. But when you’re drafted to be the franchise quarterback of a team looking to return to to the days when former MVP Cam Newton led the team to the Super Bowl, that may not be the case. For many that would be too much pressure, but for Young who’s mature beyond his years, that won’t be a problem. 

In fact, Young possesses three traits that he’s exuded since his arrival in April, leadership, poise, and top-notch improvisational skills. 

Those three alone will take you a long way in the NFL, but with Young there’s also so much more to him than that. 

The Panthers got a good one, and in a very winnable NFC South, Young could very well be the deciding factor in 2023. 

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