Hennessy Fellows Program Creates Pathway for HBCU Grads

Well before George Floyd’s death tossed the nation upside down, causing businesses to do social reparation and reevaluating their stances of diversity, Moët Hennessy has started to work with Black and Brown students to crack the door of opportunity open for them to trot over its threshold.

Older than this nation, the Hennessy family founded this company in 1765. This partnership with the Thurgood Marshall College Fund is an investment in America’s future … not just of Black and Brown people.

Through their Hennessy Fellows program (HFP), the company raised $10,000,000 for a first of its kind initiative that focuses on students who have graduated from a historically Black college or university. HFP serves as a connection between what they learned in the classrooms of their schools and what the corporate world will require them to have in their future. The program focuses on developing each cohort in leadership and professional decorum.

The brand has committed to hiring as an employee one person from the program’s ranks to their staff.

They have already made good on this by offering a job to past Fellow Brandon Veal, who has recently been hired as a manager at the company. It is said that despite his “many obstacles” his grind makes him perfectly suited as a new hire for this massive Fortune 500 company.

Now the third cohort is accepting applications for the post-grad career acceleration program.