Help A Brutha’ Out: Warriors Sign Seth Curry

Seth Curry is shooting for a spot on an NBA roster and has reportedly received an opportunity with the Golden State Warriors, proving Steph is truly his brother’s keeper. 

I personally believe in Seth Curry.  Many question his athletic ability, size and point guard skills.  These same criticisms were attributed to Steph coming out of Davidson. While Seth is not nearly as talented as his bro, he can at least claim to be a superior defender. With better ankles, too. The Currys are gym rats and have shown an uncanny ability to get the most out of their talents. It’s only natural that Seth follows in that lineage.

In a crowded GSW backcourt, Seth will likely play for Warriors' D-League affiliate Santa Cruz Warriors before Golden State.  It’s hard to dismiss 17.5 ppg and 44 percent from behind the arc while playing in a tough ACC conference, though. There is always a spot on an NBA roster for shooters.