“He Threw The First Punch, And You See Mike Trying To Defend Himself” | Former NFL Player Aqib Talib Reportedly Threw First Punch In Melee That Led To Youth Coach Being Killed

Reports of what happened over the weekend at a youth football game in Lancaster, Texas are still pouring in. While there are many different variations of what actually ignited a fight which ended in youth coach Mike Hickmon being shot and killed by Yaqub Talib, the brother of former NBA defensive back Aqib Talib.

A new report of the senseless act of violence not only links Aqib to the situation but says he’s the one who started it by coming to the opposite sidelines and throwing a punch at the slain victim.

Coach Heith Mayes, who was there in the midst of the melee, had this to say to local station WFAA this week about what he saw:

“He ran across the field and ran over on our sideline and got in the ref’s face.He threw the first punch, and you see Mike is running back trying to defend himself.”

In the midst of Hickmon defending himself, reports are Yaqub pulled out a firearm and discharged it striking Hickmon, who would later be pronounced dead at the hospital.



Lawyer Issues Statement On Behalf Of Aqib: Brothers Are No Strangers To Dealings With The Law

Following the subsequent shooting and disappearance by Yaqub, a manhunt for Aqib’s began. At the time of the fracas many said Aqib actually helped him get away. In an effort to maybe downplay his involvement in the tragedy, Talib’s lawyer released a statement soon after the incident.

 “Aqib Talib was present when this unfortunate incident occurred and is very distraught and devastated over this terrible loss of life. He would like to convey his condolences to the family of the victim and to everyone that witnessed this unfortunate tragedy.”

Aqib reportedly was the one who got the situation started and then helped his brother, the alleged shooter get away.

The Talib brothers have a bit of a checkered past with the law. This isn’t their first time being under investigation for a shooting. In 2016, there were reports that Talib was one of three people shot at V Live strip club in Dallas, during a fight inside the infamous strip club. Talib was reportedly too drunk to remember what happened and when questioned he told authorities he shot himself in a nearby park. 



In 2015, the brothers were under investigation after someone discharged a firearm in another Dallas nightclub. While neither was ever charged in the ordeal, their track record as aggressive offenders made them suspects.

 Talib Just Got Hired By Amazon For NFL “Thursday Night Football” Coverage

Talib played 12 seasons in the NFL for the Buccaneers, Patriots, Broncos, Rams, and Dolphins. He was a member and key piece of the Denver Broncos Super Bowl 50 team. During his career Talib was known as one of the most physical corners in the NFL. He even ripped former NFL receiver Michael Crabtree’s chain off his neck as the two mixed it up in a bit of fisticuffs.

Following retirement in 2020, Talib joined Fox as color commentator. Talib was recently hired by Amazon to cover “Thursday Night Football.” There’s now growing belief that may end before it even begins with Talib directly tied to the series of unfortunate events that transpired last weekend.

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