“He Shouldn’t Have Deserved That” | DeSean Jackson Explains The Time Donovan McNabb Hated On His Pro Bowl Selection

Add DeSean Jackson to the pile of former Eagles who have had issues with former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb. The free-agent wide receiver recently revealed a personal issue he never discussed before on the “I Am Athlete” podcast.

It involved Jackson’s 2009 Pro Bowl selection, when he was selected to start at both punt returner and wideout, a first in the history of the NFL’s all-star game.

“He Shouldn’t Have Deserved That”

“When the ballots came out, and they found out that I was the first player in NFL history to get elected to start in the Pro Bowl for two positions,” Jackson said. “My starting quarterback tells Michael Vick, ‘Damn, I don’t think he should’ve got that. He shouldn’t have deserved that.'”

Jackson was adamant that he was not on the T.O. bandwagon of McNabb hate and that he wasn’t mad at the former quarterback, just keeping it real about a situation he thought wasn’t right.

“Like, you’re telling another quarterback, that your receiver,” Jackson continued, “that you throw to, your receiver, that he didn’t deserve that.”

Jackson’s Way

However, in 2009, Jackson caught 62 passes for 1,156 yards and nine touchdowns, adding 137 rushing yards and one touchdown to secure his historic Pro Bowl selection. In contrast, McNabb did not make the Pro Bowl that year and, in early 2010 was traded to the now-Washington Commanders.

Co-host of the podcast LeSean McCoy, who played with Jackson and McNabb, knew about the incident and reacted to hearing the info again but in public for the first time.

“That was crazy, bro,” said McCoy.

Jackson finished with, “I ain’t never said nothing to him about it.”

The All-White Party Debacle

Jackson described McNabb as “one of the most cheapest, richest motherf***ers you could know; he’ll make you pay for everything.” Mainly, McNabb had an all-white party and charged his teammates $25 a ticket instead of comping them, Jackson included.

McCoy brought up another long-lost McNabb memory, “And he made you buy tickets to the party. This going to cost you twenty-five dollars,” laughed McCoy.

Jackson wanted it to be known that he didn’t play that, and any attempts at a financial rookie hazing by then-Eagles players like Hank Baskett were met with deference, even if he bought tickets to the party.


“I remember Hank Baskett, we at the all-white party; I’m a rookie, you know how you got the little hazing, he’s like, ‘Yeah, we at the party, we ’bout to go … we ’bout to buy some bottles,’ I looked at him, and I said, ‘I’m not about to buy no bottles for you.’ I’m a young street n***a from L.A.; I’m not buying you sh*t. You go buy your own bottle.”

If the former Eagles quarterback had a TV show, it would probably be called “Everybody Hates McNabb.” The bad blood with former teammate Terrell Owens is legendary and still not entirely quashed.

The Philadelphia Eagles chose McNabb in Syracuse’s first-round pick (second overall) of the 1999 draft. The selection saved the franchise, making them an annual contender for the Super Bowl for the next decade.

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