“She’s Brainwashed By The Doctrine Of ‘The Most High’” | NFL Star DeSean Jackson Claims His Sons’ Mother Kayla Phillips Has Abandoned Them To Join Religious Cult

You never know what someone is going through, and since retiring from the NFL in 2022, former NFL wide receiver Desean Jackson is seeking full custody of his two sons he shares with ex-girlfriend Kayla Phillips. 

According to online sources, Jackson is claiming the boys have only seen their mother “twice” last year after allegedly getting engulfed in a religious cult called the “Most High” and is being influenced by the new man she’s dating. 

Desean Jackson proposed to Kayla Phillips in 2020 at Top Golf. They share two sons, DeSean Jr., 8, and Jace,5. (Instagram/@iamkaylaphillips)

According to documents obtained by various outlets, “[Phillips] appears erratic on Facebook video posts,” which claim she states, “the members of The Most High are WOKE and everybody else is not.”

The couple shared housing for three years in Florida with kids DeSean Jackson, 8, and Jace Jackson, 5. 

Documents filed on Wednesday in Los Angeles claim Jackson moved back to California after he and Phillips’ relationship went south in 2020 shortly after Jackson proposed to the former IG model at Top Golf.

DeSean Jackson Cheated On Phillips With Cydney Christine

After meeting through social media, Jackson and Phillips announced they were expecting less than a year later and welcomed Desean Jackson Jr. into the family in late 2015. Jace arrived in 2018.

The honeymoon didn’t last too long, as Jackson soon moved on to a new girlfriend, Cydney Christine. She, of course, went public with things, posting a pic of her new boo on IG.

IG model Cydney Christine posted this photo of her and NFL player DeSean Jackson in 2021 as affirmation that his engagement to Kayla Phillips was terminated. (Instagram/@cydneychristine)

Maybe that drove Phillips over the edge, as she looked so happy and altogether relieved when Jackson finally proposed.

Years later and possibly scorned, Phillips seems to be focusing on her peace of mind and mental and spiritual health. She’s living her best life and raising two boys is clearly an impediment to whatever she has going on with her religious cult. Jackson, whose story of triumph — going from L.A. Crip to well-adjusted NFL star — is the stuff of legends, made tremendous growth in every aspect of life as his NFL journey unfolded.

Kayla Phillips Has Abandoned Kids to Join ‘Most High’ Cult

According to reports, Jackson says he went to Florida to bring the boys back to California for a visit last February, “but when it was time for the visit to end, I called Phillips to make arrangements for the children’s return and (she) gave me a later date to return the children” 

Jackson claims she pushed back several dates for the kids to return, which isn’t unusual. He is the father and sometimes parents need to handle their own lives and can use a significant time away from handling the day-to-day chores of childcare.

Phillips basically abandoned her parental obligations, because she never gave that date for the kids to return, forcing Jackson to enroll the children in “school here in Los Angeles and the children have been living with me since,” he shared. 

According to Jackson’s time frame, it’s been almost an entire year since the boys have seen their mother and it appears the communication between Phillips and Jackson has become non-existent. 

DeSean Jackson Says His BM Is Brainwashed By Cult

She “appears to be brainwashed by the doctrine of ‘The Most High’,” Jackson says, per the documents, adding that she is “living a carefree life that does not include the children.”

Jackson is not trying to erase the mother from the boys’ life. 

Should Phillips ever show any interest in visiting with their children and once she responds to the legal action, Jackson is asking for supervised visitation and sole custody, “because I provide the children with a stable, loving, and structured home and environment,” Jackson states. 

Adding, “We don’t know what [Phillips] is capable of since she joined ‘The Most High’ cult which is why we have filed the request For Child Abduction Prevention Orders,” the docs state.

Phillips’ Instagram Account Shows Few Photos Of Kids

What stands out on Phillips’ IG account, which shows a most recent post dated Jan. 24 (which indicates that Phillips is alive and well) is the fact that she doesn’t have any pictures of her sons with Jackson on her account until you scroll down quite a bit.

It’s clear she’s into healthy eating and wears a headwrap daily. She appears happy, and often refers to “The Most High”. Nothing a person with no inside information pertaining to the dynamics of their parental relationship would find strange. But according to Jackson, something isn’t kosher.

(PHOTO: Instagram/@iamkaylaphillips)

Jackson Last Played In NFL In 2022: Net Worth of $50M

Jackson has just settled into retirement after establishing himself as one of the fastest and most exciting players in NFL history after 15 seasons with six teams, most notably the Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington franchise. 

The diminutive dynamo had 641 catches for 11,263 yards and scored 66 touchdowns. He was selected to play in three Pro Bowls. Jackson did his major damage as a return specialist. 

His generational speed, athleticism and knack for the game-breaking play is what he will be forever remembered for. He’s a solid guy all-around. 

Hopefully this situation gets handled before the boys get any older. A year with their dad is not the worst thing in the world, especially one with a net worth of $50 million dollars, but the love of a mom is always needed, and they all have to be concerned for her safety.

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