“He, Rodgers, Needs OBJ” | Former NFL Player Richard Sherman Says Aaron Rodgers Is Missing A Dynamic Receiver And There’s One Available

It’s no secret the Green Bay Packers have ushered in a new era without former star receiver Davante Adams, who was traded to the Las Vegas Raiders this past offseason. Without Adams the Packers’ passing game has been stuck in neutral for the better part of five weeks. The lagging passing attack was a huge reason why the Packers are 3-2 following Sunday’s 27-22 loss to the surprising New York Giants in London.

The lack of consistent vertical threat allowed the Giants to play an aggressive style of defense that you only play when you’re not threatened by the deep ball.

While Rodgers did pass for over 200 yards and two touchdowns and zero interceptions, oftentimes he and his receivers just weren’t in sync. Following Sunday’s loss across the pond, during an episode of “The Richard Sherman Podcast,” the former NFL All-Pro defensive back made the insinuation that Rodgers needs Odell Beckham Jr.

A-Rod needs more weapons like they’re going to have to make a trade,” Sherman insists. “They’re going to have to make a trade. Watson got hurt early in the game. Like, they’re going to have to make a trade. They tried to go in and make it happen with these young guys.”

Sherman continued.

“He, Rodgers, needs OBJ. He would make a huge difference to this Green Bay Packers team. But OBJ is just, you know, he’s not ready yet. First of all, he gotta wait till November, and then he’s taking his time. This is college recruiting football.”

Sherman is speaking of Odell Beckham Jr. reportedly visiting different teams in the last few weeks, as he prepares to make a decision once he’s medically cleared to return from the torn ACL he suffered in the Super Bowl.

Rodgers Says He Won’t Comment On OBJ Until He’s Healthy

When OBJ was available last season, the Packers made a valiant effort to add the dynamic playmaker, but he instead signed with the Rams. With him still available, Rodgers talked about the possibility of having him join the Packers.

“We’ll, first, he’s not healthy yet, I don’t think,” Rodgers told reporters. “So I don’t really feel like there’s a need to comment until he’s healthy. But, you know, that’s really a question for Brian and his staff. I’m always gonna be for adding anybody to the squad who can help us win. Whether or not we need an OBJ, who knows? But I like the person, love the player. And just want him to be healthy, honestly. He’s been through a lot the last few years, and that’s the most important thing.”

For the first time in a while, Rodgers seems to not be trying to throw his receivers under the bus with his comments. 

OBJ Will Be Courted By Many

With OBJ’s skill set, speed and great hands, he’ll definitely be a hot commodity when he’s cleared. The Rams need him, as well as the Packers and many other teams. The Buffalo Bills don’t need him but would love to add him, and his close relationship with Bills superstar edge rusher Von Miller could be a key to landing the former LSU Tigers star.

But before all that he’s got to get medical clearance and get into football shape.

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