“Humbling Moment When U Realize Ur Idol Is Also A Fan.” | Allen Iverson In The Flesh, Is All The Motivation Odell Beckham Jr. Needs

Allen Iverson is a polarizing athlete who undoubtedly changed the game of basketball, and the attitude of the game with his dominance and character. His dominance on the court paralleled perfectly with his “big baller” lifestyle off the court, and he was a flashy, sometimes arrogant, but mostly exciting player to watch.

His signature combination of skill and personality garnered attention from media and fans alike, and one fan in particular would go on to become inspired by AI as a youth and also years later return the favor.

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OBJ Huge Fan Of The Answer 

Super Bowl Champion wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has been a lifelong Iverson fan, and this idolization of the former 76ers Superstar helped shape Beckham’s game and character as well. From the iconic hair he adopted as a member of the New York Giants, his No. 3 as a member of the Los Angeles Rams, all the way down to the tattoo of Iverson’s famous stepover that he did on Tyronn Lue during the 2001 NBA Finals, you can see the influence of The Answer all over OBJ.

Even the small details of OBJ’s personality — such as his own iconic style, his legendary game day accessories and retro outfits that he has worn in the past — are inspired by AI.

Unfortunately, another similarity is the same burden he once shared with AI of being the only transcendent talent on a subpar franchise. 

These two stars share a lot in common, and all of that admiration for each another culminated in a legendary union between the two that saw Iverson and OBJ meet up in person and show love to each other. 

The Naismith Basketball Hall of Famer took it upon himself visit Beckham Jr’s autograph signing booth at last week’s National Sports Collectors Convention in Atlantic City and have the receiver personally sign a poster for him. Seeing a player like the star OBJ shocked at what was going down only made the moment even more wholesome when you realize the love that OBJ has for Iverson. Then imagine the feeling that Odell had when he realized he is one of Iverson’s favorite athletes. 

OBJ took to his personal TikTok to post that moment with a caption that read “Humbling moment when u realize ur idol is also a fan.”




This has to be a very inspiring and motivational moment for OBJ, who is currently recovering from an ACL injury he suffered during the Super Bowl. While Beckham is doing everything he can to recover from his injury, such as rehab, cardio, and weight lifting to keep his body in shape as he searches for a new team, his hero Iverson did the exact opposite when it came to pumping iron. 

“I would never lift weights, and train and stuff like that because s*** was too heavy,” Iverson explained, per Philly Mag via Sports Illustrated. “I would get treatment, though. I would try to heal. I would try to get my body ready in order to play. I see now these guys are sitting out and stuff like that, I never thought that could ever happen.

The 6-foot-assasin was clearly not a fan of weights but when you’re as skilled and durable as Iverson, maybe the weights can wait. We’ve come to find out that’s one of very few things that Beckham and AI don’t see eye to eye on.  


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