“Lucky I Wasn’t Playing When You Was Playing” | OBJ And NFL Legend LT Engage In Friendly Trash Talk

It’s always great when former and current athletes engage in a little banter. NFL legend and Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor and current NFL free agent Odell Beckham Jr. were at an autograph signing event where they had a little trash talk.

OBJ to LT: “Lucky I wasn’t playing when you was playing.”
LT to OBJ: “Man, stop, stop, they’d be saying O who.”

Taylor revolutionized the outside linebacker position during his career with the New York Giants. A 10-time All-Pro, 10-time Pro Bowler selection, three-time defensive player, two-time Super Bowl champ, and league MVP. He singlehandedly changed the way offensive lines had to scheme to protect a quarterback’s blindside.

OBJ hasn’t quite achieved the lofty accomplishments of LT, but the beginning of the wide receiver’s career was electric. In his first three years he was a three-time Pro Bowler, two-time All-Pro, and a rookie of the year.

He’s dealt with injuries over the course of the next five seasons, but he concluded this past season by winning a Super Bowl as a member of the Los Angeles Rams.

As to the question of who would be “lucky” about not playing in the other’s era, making comparisons across eras is not a good exercise. The game was different then, the level of athlete is also different.

LT is one of the greatest players of all time. His skill set and ability would’ve have likely translated to the current era. Now he might not be as dominant, because offensive lineman are far more athletic now than they were in his heyday.

As far as OBJ, he’s on the short list for best athlete to ever play in the NFL. He’s run a 4.3 40-yard dash and at 5 feet 11 has a 6-foot-5 catch radius. He is an athletic outlier.

There weren’t many if any athletes in the 1980s that could match OBJ’s athleticism. He would be a very tough cover. Of course the game is different, much more run-focused than spread out and pass happy. All the same, giving the ball to OBJ on a toss sweep would likely be even more effective in the 1980s than it is in today’s game.

The Rams would like OBJ back as they prepare to defend their Super Bowl title. He is currently recovering from a torn ACL he suffered in the Super Bowl in February.

But OBJ is being courted by other teams. He could be a key piece for the Baltimore Ravens, someone who could help quarterback Lamar Jackson continue to evolve as a passer. The Ravens lost Hollywood Brown this offseason, so OBJ would certainly help.

The Ravens have an exceptional running game and tight end, OBJ could play a role like he had with the Rams last season — where he doesn’t have to be the No. 1 option, but can contribute as a big-play threat who consistently moves the chains.

Either way seeing that video of OBJ and LT with that friendly trash talk highlights the competitiveness of pro athletes. Whether currently playing or retired, they always think they are the best.

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