Goodell defends Deflategate appeal       

And the Saga continues…

On September 3rd, The NFL announced that they would appeal Judge Richard Berman’s decision to over turn Tom Brady’s four-game suspension.

Fast forward nearly eight weeks later,and the NFL has now formally issued a 59-page brief accusing Brady of knowingly cheating. Goodell defended the NFL’s decision to go forth with an appeal. 

Via Profootballtalk:

This is about our rights in the collective bargaining agreement, Goodell told ESPN Radios Mike & Mike in the Morning. Thats all it is. We filed this litigation initially to reinforce the fact that we had this right in our Collective Bargaining Agreement. We had a decision from Judge Berman. We disagree with it; thats what appeals courts are for. Im not spending any time on this issue, but it is important for us to know what we bargained for and what we agreed to in our Collective Bargaining Agreement and make sure that those processes that are agreed to in our Collective Bargaining Agreement are followed. And so we are not going to allow that kind of a decision to stand when we think its in conflict with our Collective Bargaining Agreement. That is the issue. It has nothing to do with any individual player or anyone else. It has something to do with Judge Bermans decision, and thats what were appealing.

It’s hard to take Goodell seriously when he says the league is putting up a fight due to the “decisions conflict with the CBA” and not Tom Brady, after leaking damning evidence to the media in effort to sway public opinion and to tarnish Brady’s reputation. The league has to accept that they’ve terribly botched their investigation, despite having sufficient evidence to suggest that Brady had at least some knowledge of the deflated footballs.

Is it time to let it go Roger? 

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