Good Morning: Victoria Duval Won Her First Round Match and America’s Heart At US Open

    American teenager Victoria Duval upset the 2011 US Open champion Sam Stosur in the first round of the Open, 5-7, 6-4, 6-4. Duval's personality on the court and in her post-match interviews earned her an instant co-sign from pop culture. 



    The Haitian-American explained part of her life story after the match, when she wasn't giggling. She recalled a hostage situation in Florida as well as her father being badly injured in the earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010. 


    The seven seed, Roger Federer, advanced in straight sets.


    Bill Belichick is pleased with the progress of LB Donta Hightower.


    The Jets signed Graham Harrell, the former backup for Aaron Rodgers.


    Aaron Hernandez was reportedly on a short leash before he was arrested, citing thug-life tendencies and missed practices, and was a heavy user of angel dust.


    The young Georgia Bulldogs' defense is in for an immediate test against Tajh Boyd, Sammy Watkins, and the high-flying Clemson offense on college football's opening weekend. However, if Jordan Jenkins does this, they might be ok.


    Roy Hibbert bulked up during the offseason, just in case he wasn't good enough defensively already.


    Scottie Pippen will not face charges for a fight outside a Malibu restaurant.


    There is "no timetable" for Jason Heyward's return.


    Hunter Pence hit the longest home run of the season.



    Jozy Altidore scored his first goal for Sunderland, inspiring a huge 4-2 comeback win.





    J Dilla's uncle is set to open a donut ship in Detroit called Dilla's Donuts, and will feature donuts that reflect the legendary producer's career like McNasty Macaroons.


    President Obama says The Butler made him tear up.


    Jhene Aiko was released from the hospital after a serious car accident.


    Drake and Jay Z will appear on Justin Timberlake's second installment of The 20/20 Experience.


    Timbaland unveiled a new Michael Jackson project.


    Action Bronson announced his next LP is called Romanian Waitresses.


    Joe Budden also announced new music.



    Here's a trailer for the upcoming TLC movie, premiering October 21st.





    A malicious viral attack from a group called the Syrian Electronic Army shut down the New York Times website and affected Twitter and HuffPo UK. Are we about to go to war thanks to a Twitter account?


    Meanwhile, the US government is putting together a trail of evidence to show President Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons against his own people in Syria. Part of that evidence may come from Israeli intelligence. The English government was called back in for an emergency session to discuss the situation.


    Iran issued a stern warning against a strike in Syria.


    The NYPD reportedly designated mosques as terrorist organizations.


    Attacks in Iraq killed 65.


    Twerking and selfie are now in the dictionary. This is why we can't have nice things.


    4,000 firefighters are battling the wildfires in Yosemite. Wildfires are increasingly more common, which scientists beilieve is a result of climate change.




    Wyclef Jean gets the honors so we can make this a truly Haitain affair. Here's "Sak Ap Fet."