Good Morning: Tony Romo Should Ask Damian Lillard For Clutch Tips

Damian Lillard didn't have a strong game by his high standards, but scored eight points in OT to carry the Blazers over the Pistons, including the game-winner that left Detroit awfully quiet.


Peyton Manning was named SI's Sportsman of the Year.


Kirk Cousins did what he could for the Redskins but it wasn't enough to beat the Falcons, who stopped a late two-point conversion to seal the victory. Tony Gonzalez passed 15,000 receiving yards in the process, becoming the fifth player in NFL history to break the mark. 

Also, RG3 expects a new coach in 2014.


Tony Romo and the Cowboys were sitting on a lead with less than three minutes to go when Romo inexplicably threw a pick. Apparently, it was a run play but Romo decided to pass anyway. Typical. Anyway, Jerry Jones says he won't be issuing a vote of confidence every week, because he's either run out of votes or confidence.


Mark Ellis will reportedly sign with the St. Louis Cardinals.


James Harden injured his ankle in the third quarter of a loss to the Kings but still managed to knock down two one-footed free throws.


The Denver Nuggets handled the New Orleans Pelicans, 102-93. Kenneth Faried on the oop.




The second installment of The Hobbit topped the box office this week.


Eminem released a trailer for his video for "The Monster."


Jay Pharoah and Wale hit up a retail store for the holiday season.


Chance The Rapper thanks his fans for an insane 2013.




The NSA may consider offering Edward Snowden amnesty if he stops leaking documents.


John McCain accused the CIA of lying to Congress about Robert Levinson. 


France's President will not be attending the 2014 Olympics in Sochi.


A student in GA was suspended for a year after hugging a teacher, an act in violation of the school's sexual harassment code. He will now be forced to graduate a year late.




Talib Kweli released Gravitas today, and dropped a feature with Raekwon for the public.