Good Morning: Steph Curry Dropped 54 on the Knicks

Stephen Curry exploded in Madison Square Garden, erupting with 54 points, including 11 of 13 from range, in Mark Jackson's return to New York. The spectacular performance wasn't enough to beat the Knicks however, as Golden State fell 109-105. ranks the top 125 jobs in college football.


Penn State earned their first win in the Big Ten, upsetting no. 4 Michigan who may have cost themselves the Big Ten title and a top seed in the tournament.


Andy Roddick is suing a cancer charity for bounced checks.


Rasheed Wallace has a broken foot and may miss the rest of the season.


KU's Elijah Johnson received racist death threats after beating Iowa State, an incident police are investigating.


Peter King thinks Alex Smith is perfect for the Chiefs.


Greg Oden will pick his next team in July.


Kevin Durant racked up a triple-double as the Thunder crushed the Hornets, 119-74.



Check out where Jozy Altidore scored from yesterday:



JaVale McGee swatted Damian Lillard's ball off Corey Brewer's face.



Take us away, Rudy.





Tyler, the Creator performed his new song, “Treehome,” on Jimmy Fallon last night. He also spoke about his thoughts on the n-word on Hot 97, saying he doesn't really “give a f*ck about that shi*t.



Solange performed “Don't Let Me Down” on Letterman


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Last night, Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle shared the stage, performed at the same time and teased a joint tour. YES, PLEASE.


Former Temptations singer Richard Street died last night.


Kid Cudi will be featured in an upcoming episode of The Cleveland Show.


DJ Bird Peterson has remixed Frank Ocean's “Super Rich Kids” with Earl Sweatshirt.





Here are six facts about the United States debt that you may not know. Easy to understand and follow.


China claims the US has been hacking their military computers. You knew this was coming.


Japan will begin the process of revamping and reusing the nuclear plants in Fukushima


Young scientists are making things happen.


President Obama has the opportunity to take a strong stance on gay marriage by weighing in with a legal brief on the Supreme Court case challenging California's marriage laws, today.


NJ governor Chris Christie says the federal flood insurance program has been awful and paying money far too slowly.





The NFL is investigating the supposed “do you like girls” question that emerged from the NFL Combine. Kevin Lincoln writes that the NFL as an organization would like to be gay-friendly and welcoming of homosexuals, but until players and teams are, it doesn't really matter.


Dr. James Andrews has written a book about preventing sports injuries, and spoke about a large uptick in injuries to kids.

"I started tracking and researching, and what we've seen is a five- to seven-fold increase in injury rates in youth sports across the board. I'm trying to help these kids, given the epidemic of injuries that we're seeing. That's sort of my mission: to keep them on the playing field and out of the operating room.

I want parents and coaches to realize the implications of putting a 12- or 13-year-old through the type of athletic work done by a 25-year-old," Andrews said.




#PROERAweek continues: Here's Joey and the crew on “Maxwell.”



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