Good Morning: Oklahoma City Misses Russ

The Thunder lost their second consecutive game without Russell Westbrook, after taking a 3-0 series lead, and now have to return to Houston where the Rockets will have a chance to tie the series.


The Boston Celtics are in the same boat. After the Knicks prepared for a funeral, Boston went into the Garden and walked away with Game 5 after some woeful shooting from Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith. Jason Terry says the Celtics aren't going to back down, and wants to make sure the Knicks remember who they're dealing with.


Remember the 14-year-old, Guan Tianlang, who competed at the Masters? His 12-year-old countryman, Ye Wocheng, made his debut on the European Tour yesterday, shooting a 79.


Damian Lillard was unanimously named the Rookie of the Year.


Alec Ogletree says no one is faster than him on the field.


The Oakland Raiders are not considering Vince Young as an option.


The Jets are shuffling up their front office.


CB Al Harris retired with the Green Bay Packers.


Dwight Howard doesn't need any more surgery on his shoulder.


The Nuggets and Warriors are preparing for a physical contest tonight in Game 6.


Robert Guerrero gets ready to face Floyd Mayweather on Saturday.




The Pro Era drops a video for "School High."


Rick Ross met with the CEO of Reebok. Reunion or farewell?


Frank Ocean was named Person of the Year at the Webby Awards.


Odd Future's manager reacts to the controversy surrounding Tyler, the Creator's new ad.


Emmett Till's family wasn't impressed by Lil Wayne's non-apology.


Chris Kelly of Kris Kross was found dead in his home. He was 34.


Jay-Z talks about executive producing The Great Gatsby soundtrack.


Big KRIT kicks it in The Backroom.




The three suspects arrested for obstructing justice in connection with the Boston bombings have all denied involvement, saying they had no idea they were tampering with evidence, and are fully cooperating with the police.


YouTube vs. TV? The battle is already over.


Famine in Somalia has killed 260,000 since 2010.


The press is beginning to hold President Obama's feet to the fire over closing Guantanamo Bay.


Joe Biden says abused women fear they will be "raped by the system." Damnit, Joe.





North Korea has convicted a Korean-American to 15 years of hard labor for unspecified acts against the state. Experts say they are essentially using "kidnapping diplomacy," in order to get prominent American ambassadors to visit North Korea, and cave to whatever new demands they may have after getting everyone all excited about nuclear war. 

Meanwhile, anyone in North Korea looking to get any information about the outside world must fix a radio to illegally receive radio broadcasts from abroad, a crime also punishable by hard labor.





DJ Drama presents the XXL Freshman Tape.

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