Good Morning: Ohio State Crashed Indiana’s Party

The OKC Thunder cruised to victory against the LA Lakers, 122-105. Led by Russell Westbrook's 37 points and 10 rebounds, the Thunder set an NBA record with just two turnovers. Kobe dropped 30 but left the game with an injury. OKC also scored 71 in the first half, a season high.




Dwight Howard says he could have sat out the season until now to recover from his injuries. Would the Lakers be worse off right now if he did?

Indiana had an opportunity to win the Big Ten on senior night, but Ohio State ruined the moment. Indiana will now play Michigan this weekend for the title.


The Boston Celtics took down the 76ers, 109-101.


Texans DE Antonio Smith says Manti Te'o would be the butt of every joke in Houston. So, he should be fine after the last few months of practice?


Johnny Manziel talks about his sophomore year, spring practice and his new insurance policy.


If you still care about Lance Armstrong, here's his latest interview.


Nobody is really sure why Serge Ibaka was not suspended for his groin shot on Blake Griffin.


A fight broke out between St. Johns and Notre Dame last night while the Irish held a 26-point lead.






Living in Colorado? Tyler, the Creator is putting on a free show.


Kid Cudi talks about his upcoming album, Indicud, how it differs from his last album, positivity and being a rebel.


Wiz and Amber named Curren$y as their new baby's godfather.


Ashanti joins HuffPo for “Celebrity No Filter”.




Mack Maine don't need paper.





Kanye West hit up Hot 97 to talk about the MTV's “Hottest MCs In The Game” list. Obviously he's not happy with no. 7 and says Weezy is the best rapper in the game. (Listen until it's over. Trust)




A$AP Rocky has his own beef with the list.




Joey Bada$$ and the Pro Era crew perform “School High” for Billboard.




Bow Wow dropped a track from his upcoming mixtape, Greenlight 5, featuring Snoop.






In a surprising move, George Zimmerman will drop the “Stand Your Ground” defense as he prepares for a jury trial in the Trayvon Martin case.


Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez died in Cuba yesterday. He was 58. Though he is being mourned by the lower classes in Venezuela, his death will bring about mixed reactions from many, including Venezuelans now living in the US.


Snow has crushed Chicago and made its way to Washington D.C., canceling over 1,000 flights and setting a record in the process.


The White House faced pressure to either release classified documents about torture and targeted drone strikes or risk the Senate passing on CIA director nominee John Brennan. They blew the deadline and Brennan was approved anyway. Seriously, what the hell does the Senate actually do?


Okay, so the Senate Judiciary committee might approve an anti-gun bill today. So, they did do something. It won't pass the House and is essentially meaningless, but they did do something.


Google/YouTube will be launching a rival to Spotify this summer, and signed their first label, Warner Bros, to their new streaming service.


Good news: Not only do drug companies rule over the healthcare system and non-profit hospitals overcharge for their services, but deadly bacteria that causes infections and can't be treated by antibiotics are “on the rise in US hospitals.” At this point, people just need to stay home and drink it off.


Florida Gov. Rick Scott has perplexed his Tea Party fan base with a radical shift to the center on Medicaid (Great quote from a Tea Party member: “I'm trying to determine how the Medicaid expansion is going to pay for the surgery to remove the knife planted in my back.”). This comes just a day after former Gov. Jeb Bush made a radical leap to the right. It's Florida. That's what happens.


The European Union fined Microsoft $732 million for not offering users any other choice besides their own web browser.


Kate Middleton almost let it slip that she's having a girl.





In this day and age, does the world still need a black media? Lori Tharps investigates niche media markets and whether they are necessary.


As a journalist, as a black woman, and as a media observer, it occurs to me that some people might believe that the time has long since passed when a separate black media is necessary. We no longer live in a (legally) segregated society, so why would we need a segregated press? In my opinion, the answer is, we don’t. We don’t need a separate black media in the 21st century, but we deserve to have one. And therein lies the difference between past and present.





Ghostface Killa and Adrian Younge are set to drop an album on April 16. Here's their first offering, “The Sure Shot Pt. 1 & 2”



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