Good Morning: Never Doubt Paul Pierce

The Boston Celtics are injured and tired after playing five games in seven days across four time zones, but still managed to beat the Utah Jazz in OT, 110-107. Paul Pierce led the way with 26 points including seven straight in OT.


Al Horford put up 23 points and 22 rebounds as the Hawks beat the Pistons, 114-103.


The Yankees are injured, lack depth, and don't appear to have a plan in place to replace Curtis Granderson's power for the first month of the season.


The Lakers won 11 of 15, but couldn't catch the Denver Nuggets who scored 33 fast-break points on the way to a 119-108 victory. Dwight Howard got punked. Twice.



Syracuse couldn't make up for a massive disparity of free throws in Milwaukee, seven for the Orange compared to 35 for Marquette, and fell 74-71 to tighten things even further atop the Big East.


Steven Jackson plans to void his contract with the St. Louis Rams.


ProFootballTalk compiles the strangest stories from the NFL combine, thus far.


Dan Pompei argues it's a good time to gamble on Manti Te'o.


Dennis Rodman is currently on a peace mission in North Korea. Yes, that Dennis Rodman. Yes, that North Korea.


Derrick Rose is dunking again. Baby steps.



Key and Peele have their own dunk contest ideas.






Ab-Soul talks TDE, drugs, and has high praise for Kendrick Lamar. (s/o HipHopWired)


“When I first heard K.Dot, I thought that he was arguably or could potentially be one of the best ever the first time I heard him,” says Ab-Soul. “Cause he was so young, we were so young at the time, you know people talk about the pride…I'm a rapper too. I aspire to do well, so listening to him for the first time really kind of humbled me. It let me know like, 'ok, i'm not the only one really serious about my craft and he's continued to be that consistently throughout our entire relationship. I am still heavily inspired by him all of the time.”



Soul also opened up to MTV, discussed losing his girlfriend a year ago and the experience of writing about his emotions in the song ”The Book of Soul” on his criminally underrated album Control System.


Janet Jackson and Wissam confirm they got married last year.


Beyonce will headline V Festival in England.


Kanye went on another rant in Paris. He also got naked with Kim for the cover of a French magazine.





The Fiscal Times goes in on politicians with their piece “Our Real Worry Isn't the Debt, It's Our Politicians.” This is must-read material, and breaks down the potential threats of the debt – relatively minor – compared to the effects that problems like bickering, stalling, and creating crises have on our economy.


The Google Glasses look awesome, but their release could signal the end of privacy as we know it.


A rocket from the Gaza strip landed in Israel yesterday, ending an ongoing ceasefire.


The Senate made a big deal about “Zero Dark Thirty” and began a probe to investigate how information was leaked, but recently decided to drop the probe for no apparent reason. Guesses: 1. Senility 2. Embarrassment 3. Actually went to see it 4. Lost interest after the Oscars 5. Lost ability to investigate due to impending sequester.


Why Anheuser-Busch desperately wants to buy Corona and why the US Justice Department won't let them.






TIME magazine takes a look at February 26, 2012, the day Trayvon Martin was killed in Orlando, FL by George Zimmerman, and what has happened to the major players involved in the case since. CNN has five updates you may not know about the case, which resumes on June 10, 2013.




Joey Bada$$ and the Pro Era crew got #PROERAweek trending worldwide on Twitter, so they dropped a new track from one of Joey's upcoming projects called “Wendy N Becky”. Vibe.



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