Good Morning: MLB Considers Joining 21st Century With Replay

Joe Torre announces that MLB is likely to move toward a challenge system next season.


Manny Machado's injury was not as bad as the Baltimore Orioles initially feared. Machado will miss 6-8 weeks, meaning his knee should be fine for spring training.


MLB set a record with 239 extra inning games in 2013.


The New York Yankees attempted to honor Mariano Rivera one last time, but the Rivera bobbleheads showed up late to Yankee Stadium, much to the disappointment of basically everyone.


Former Tennessee Vols coaches say Arian Foster's claims are "weak."


Ole Miss put Alabama on notice this weekend. Good luck. 


Despite rumors to the contrary, Frank Gore says he and coach Jim Harbaugh are all good.


Colin Kaepernick says he uses Twitter for motivation and "favorites" tweets that are especially hateful.


New research shows that head injuries do not discriminate by age, and that 7-year-olds can hurt their brains just as much as adults playing football.


The stadiums in Qatar for the 2022 World Cup are being built by what amounts to slave labor which has killed several workers.


It's time for golf's offseason, which lasts a whopping 16 days. 


The New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets will co-host the 2015 NBA All-Star game, according to reports. An announcement is expected today.


Jason Kidd says Joe Johnson gets the last shot for the Brooklyn Nets. 


Paul George and the Indiana Pacers are expected to announce a max deal for their young forward.


The New York Knicks invited Cole Aldrich to camp.


Lamar Odom breaks his silence since rumors of his drug problems surfaced.



NBA preseason trash-talk has arrived.


Apparently Drake and Johnny Manziel are boys.





P. Diddy held on to the top spot on Forbes' hip-hop money list, beating Dre and Jay once again.


DJ Khaled donated $10,000 to a high school in Miami.


Nipsey Hussle takes us on a tour of his hometown, Crenshaw, in preparation for his upcoming mixtape.


Janelle Monae performed "Dance Apocalyptic" on Jools Holland.


A$AP Rocky released a video for "Fa$hion Killa" starring Rihanna.

A$AP Rocky – Fashion Killa Starring Rihanna by safl23


Rocky also released his track from GTA V.





Though the tone has shifted under the new leadership of President Rouhani, old tensions still persist between Iran and the US.


3D printers will attempt to print new organs for patients in need of replacement.


Taking anti-depressants increases your risk of getting diabetes.


Here are the basics of what's going on in Congress as Ted Cruz wastes everyone's time with a useless filibuster.


Cornell West went in on morally reprehensible GOPers voting to gut food stamps.





Lupe Fiasco took Drake and Jay Z's "Pound Cake" and turned it into "Paris, Tokyo 2"


So did The L.O.X. Which one are you feelin'?

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