Good Morning: Juan Uribe and Geno Smith Ruined Atlanta’s Week

Juan Uribe sent the LA Dodgers to the NLCS with this moonshot against the Atlanta Braves, which put LA up by the eventual final score of 4-3.


Jose Lobaton hit a homer with two outs in the ninth inning to give the Rays a 5-4 win over the Red Sox, staving off elimination for another night. 


The Cardinals also saved themselves from an early exit, beating the Pirates 2-1 to force Game 5. 


The Oakland A's are one win away from the ALCS.


MLB will attempt to have Alex Rodriguez's lawsuit dismissed.


Geno Smith "looked like a ten-year starter" against the Falcons according to Atlanta's William Moore, as he led the Jets to a 13-point comeback in the fourth quarter to win 30-28. It was Geno's coming out party, as he went 16-20 for 199 yards, three scores and no turnovers, including the 55-yard drive that set up Nick Folk's game-winner.


The Minnesota Vikings just signed a new contract with a facility that keeps them there for 30 more years and has airtight loopholes about almost everything, plus a $2,500 licensing fee for season ticket holders. 


The NFL will meet with the Oneida tribe about the Washington Redskins name. 


Steve Smith says the officiating in last week's game against the Cardinals was "garbage."


Jeremy Schaap made a really depressing observation about the lack of fun or good will in the college football coaching realm after telling a story about Nick Saban screaming at him.

"I find college football coaches are the prickliest of them all because often they're kind of the emperors of their own domains," Schaap said. "They're very thin-skinned often, and they have high-pressure jobs and everybody's coming after them, especially these days with the blogs and Twitter. It's very difficult to turn off that feedback loop. So they live in these bubbles, and they feel they're constantly under attack, even if they're winning. And they rarely have any sense of humor anymore."


Mark Jackson wants Steph Curry to commit fewer turnovers. 


Speaking of Steph Curry…


And here's LeBron dunking for good measure.


Even better: The Philadelphia 76ers formed a rap group.





P. Diddy discussed the Forbes money list.


Joell Ortiz teamed up with Statik Selektah for "Cheers From The Crowd."


Meek Mill spits over Drake's "Pound Cake."





President Jimmy Carter discusses the wealth gap and says today's middle class resembles the past's poor.


A new trading market will open in January that limits the technological advantages major firms have that often drive up prices and harm investment from everyday people.


President Obama challenged Speaker Boehner to hold a vote in the House, believing there are enough to end the shutdown and fund the government, but says Boehner won't because he's beholden to Tea Party conservatives and wants to make demands he's in no position to make. 


The USDA issued a warning over California chickens for salmonella poisoning.





Tyler, The Creator releases another wild video, this time for "Tamale."

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