Good Morning: Johan Santana Is Done For The Season

New York Mets pitcher Johan Santana has a new tear in his pitching shoulder that is likely to cost him the season. Last year, Johan finally looked like the Johan of old after his first major shoulder surgery. Now, his career in baseball is uncertain.


Syracuse's 2-3 zone was too much for Indiana to handle, falling 61-50 to the No 4. seed in the East region.


Miami's magic ran out against Marquette in the Sweet 16 without their center, Reggie Johnson.


LaQuinton Ross' three put Ohio State in the Elite Eight.


Doug Gottlieb caught some heat yesterday for saying he was trying to bring the white man's perspective to the set. Charles Barkley later defended him on the show.


Brad Stevens is reportedly UCLA's top target.


Tubby Smith is having words with Texas Tech.


The Lakers fell to Milwaukee in the ever-tightening race for the final playoff spot in the Western Conference. They didn't stand a chance after Dwight Howard was punked by the Bucks' mascot.




George Karl endorsed Gregg Popovich for the next coach of Team USA.


Bernie Fine is suing ESPN for defamation.


Amare Stoudemire has no timetable for his return.


Alex Rodriguez will make more money than all of the Houston Astros combined.


Boogie Cousins throws one down.




Too much madness last night? Here are the top five plays from the NBA.






Tyler, the Creator was in the UK with Tim Westwood talking about his upcoming album and dropping a quick freestyle.




Def Jam President Joe Manda is heading to Interscope.


Here is a column talking about how great Justin Timberlake is and always has been. PLEASE DON'T LEAVE US AGAIN.


Lil' Wayne speaks for the first time since his hospitalization, revealing he has epilepsy.


Rick Ross is attempting to cool the heat he's getting for his lyrics describing a date-rape.


A$AP Ferg spits over Tupac's “Hail Mary.”




Robin Thicke, T.I. and Pharrell blur the lines with their latest video.




Kendrick performs “Poetic Justice” and “Trick Don't Kill My Vibe” on Kimmel.






Iran, North Korea and Syria were the only three countries to vote against regulating the multibillion dollar international weapons trade. The bill needed a consensus to pass. Luckily, the UN is considering adopting “F Those Guys” measures and doing it anyway.


Denise Dallaire was sentenced to 15 years for selling a few ounces of crack, but was let go after 10 years when she received an apology from the judge for sentencing her for so long. He was abiding by mandatory sentencing guidelines that put so many young people away for far too long.


North Koreans rallied behind their leader in Pyongyang as the war drums begin to beat. Kim Jong Un says he is now preparing his rockets to aim at the US in response to the American B-2 stealth bombers sent over South Korea yesterday.


Need to eat less? There's an app for that. Or, more accurately, a microchip that suppresses appetite. Sounds totally natural.


Google is getting into the same-day delivery service.





President Obama has dealt with a few laws he saw as unconstitutional and stopped defending in court, but continued to enforce due to the letter of the law. Unfortunately, though the President does not believe in the Defense of Marriage Act and it seems likely it will be irrelevant in the near future, Obama was urged by the Supreme Court and his lawyers to stay the course of the law. Was that the right decision?





B. Martin hits up Kendrick and Juicy J for this banger.


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