Good Morning: Jameis Winston Was Near-Perfect In His FSU Debut

Jameis Winston was just the third freshman to ever start a game for Florida State, making an incredible debut with more touchdowns than incompletions. He went 25/27 for 356 yards and four scores as the Seminoles spanked the PItt Panthers 41-13 in their ACC debut. 


These are the shirts worn by the Rice band against Texas A&M last weekend, perhaps inspiring Johnny Manziel's autograph-signing taunt in the game. Joe Flacco says Manziel is quickly becoming his favorite player.



Roger Federer fell in the fourth round of the US Open, his earliest exit in a decade. Federer lost in straight sets to Tommy Robredo. Rafael Nadal advanced in four sets, extending his run on hard courts to 19-0.


Mark Sanchez won't be able to play for the New York Jets this week due to a shoulder injury, leaving duties to Geno Smith or Brady Quinn, who they just signed.


Dennis Rodman landed in North Korea for his second trip to the country this year, and may try to set up a basketball league. 


The Texas Rangers lost the opening game of the series against the Oakland A's, leaving them tied for first in the AL West.


Yasiel Puig left Monday night's game early after an awkward slide into third base.


Aaron Hernandez will enter his plea on Friday.


Malcolm Gladwell delves into genetics and wonders if they make sports unfair. 


Former heavyweight champ Tommy Morrison died at the age of 44.





Kanye West performed for a Kazakhstan for a reported $3 million.


Big Sean brought out Drake and Nicki Minaj at a HOF release party.


Action Bronson dropped a single with DJ Semi.





There are over 2 million Syrian refugees flowing over their borders and the neighboring nations don't have the support to take them in.


A group of Texas guards joined a lawsuit with prisoners against heat conditions in Texas jails. 14 prisoners have died as a result of such conditions.


A church in Charlotte, NC is under fire for sending out an email asking that "only white people" show up to meet people at the front door

"We are continuing to work to bring our racial demographic pendulum back to mid-line," she continued in the email. "So we would like to ask that only white people be on the front doors."

"We would rather have less greeters on the front door if it means that the few that we have will represent us the best," Pastor Pennycooke wrote.


A workplace conduct lawsuit has put the n-word on trial. A black employee says she was the victim of a four-minute n*gger tirade. The defense claims the word is used as a term of endearment. 


15,000 people must re-register to vote after the new voter ID law in Kansas.


On the first major decision of his foreign policy cabinet, President Obama overruled his advisors. 




A 64-year old woman became the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without a cage for protection, reaching the shore in around 53 hours.




Dizzy Wright dropped a video for "World Peace."