Good Morning: Catch Up On The Madness

Gonzaga gave themselves a fright against Southern, but came away with a 64-58 win over the 16-seed.


Vander Blue saved Marquette with a last-second layup to avoid an upset loss to Davidson.


Harvard earned their first-ever NCAA tournament win, stunning New Mexico, 68-62.


Missouri fell to Colorado State, led by Dorian Green's 26 points.


Anthony Bennett wasn't much of a factor for most of UNLV's loss to Cal, except in the last few minutes. Cal left with the W, 64-61. Oregon pulled off another 12-5 upset in the West region.


Syracuse rolled.


Auburn has a plan to replace their famous trees which were poisoned by Harvey Updyke.


Tim Tebow had some strict rules at a recent religious event.


Rick Adelman may retire at the end of the season due to his wife's health.


Kobe Bryant just needs to be yelled at when he's hogging the ball.


The Denver Nuggets made defensive plays, like these, on the way to their 14th win in a row.



Chicago lost to Portland but…





Justin Timberlake's The 20/20 Experience made the fifth-best debut in the last decade, losing to Taylor Swift twice, Lady Gaga and Lil Wayne.


Tony Bennett says he can't wait to get in the recording studio with Lady Gaga.


Here are eight female rappers who deserve your attention.


A$AP Rocky and P. Reign talk about their upcoming collab.


Future announced dates for his “Pluto 3D” tour.


Check out Kendrick's first reaction to Jay-Z's verse on BDKMV.





Three people are dead at an army base in northern Virginia, including two Marines, after a shooter opened fire on the base and eventually, shot himself. Is this just a daily thing, now?


The UN declared it's easier to find a phone than a toilet today, and is promoting a worldwide sanitation effort.


Paul Ryan's budget – virtually the same thing he proposed when he ran and lost in the 2012 election – has already been soundly defeated in the Senate.


So, turns out, the Chinese-hacking incident in South Korea wasn't conducted by or from China after all. Just a big misunderstanding, I'm sure.


There is another rape/twitter case involving high school football players. This time, the girl is only 13 years old.


Samsung and Google are both working on answers to Apple's proposed smart watch.


US pediatricians are backing gay marriage, citing research. Research? That's not likely to sway many voters.


But elected GOP officials are starting to change their tune on gay rights, realizing it's costing them votes. Yesterday, Colorado approved same-sex unions.


Facts vs. Michele Bachmann.


The Pope is urging more communication and cooperation with the Arab world and stresses helping the poor.


As China's smog gets increasingly worse, Chinese politicians can't figure out how to fix it and have resorted to bickering. Ha! Look at those guys. They can't get anything done.





Chicago is preparing to close 54 public schools around the city, thanks to a $1 billion shortfall in revenue. The closings are overwhelmingly in black neighborhoods, and there is a fear that the high gang violence will make it difficult for kids to walk to new schools, as they will have to venture to new territory. 




Daz and Kurupt flow over Hit-Boy and Audio Push's track as old school meets new school.



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