Good Morning: 9.28.12


Morning, ya’ll. Did you knw the NFL refs returned to a standing ovation, MJ and Scottie put on a performance? Have some links with your cereal.

The actual NFL referees returned last night during the Ravens vs. Browns game. They received a standing ovation before the game. Hope they don’t get used to it.

The resilient Ravens continued their dominance of the Browns last night, despite the game coming down to a Hail Mary.

Evan Longoria hit a home run in the 9th to give the Rays their eighth straight win. As Joe Maddon put it, “It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas.”

R.A. Dickey became the first knuckleballer to win 20 games since 1980. He became the first relevant Met since Mike Piazza. (I kid, I kid).

No. 8 Stanford went down in a big upset to Washington. Just don’t tell Washington it was an upset.

Tired of flopping? The NBA is close to determining the exact rules and punishment for Anderson Varejao players that flop.

Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen returned to the big stage on Monday night, when MJ surprised Scottie at his birthday party and the two held a dance off. Someone get me some video.



Samuel Jackson endorses Barack Obama. This is awesome.

Beyonce belly watch: No baby.

Amber Rose, however, is definitely pregnant, and she doesn’t like her man Wiz’s pot smell right now.

Meek Mill takes you behind the scenes for the making of Dreams and Nightmares Part 3.



Israel has dialed down its talks of bombing Iran and can color between the lines. Good day all around.

The man who sparked worldwide controversy with his anti-Muslim video, which may have incited the attacks on US bases in Libya, faces three years in prison for parole violations.

Sadly, Bill Clinton cannot become President of France or Ireland.

A new poll shows Mitt Romney is less popular that George W. Bush. Amazing since Romney hasn’t even started two wars yet. To be fair, Bush also had better numbers than Joe Biden, which is weird because who doesn’t love Joe Biden?



It’s Chipper Jones’ last regular season home series for the Atlanta Braves. Hell of a career. Here’s an oral history.



Ok, so the Cole-Kendrick collab is on hold, but here’s some new J. Cole to hold you over.

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