Good Morning: 12.4.12


The Washington Redskins walked away 17-16 winners against the Giants on Monday night, which included a triple-option fumble touchdown, putting them a game out of the division lead.


Terrell Suggs has torn biceps, according to a source.


Nick Foles has been named the Eagles' starter for the rest of the season.


Who will start for the Jets?


We have our Heisman Trophy finalists.


George Holscher bowls a perfect game while in a wheelchair.


So, what do you think happened: Derek Jeter quickly lost weight or the NY Post was pulling a fast one?


LeBron James discusses his SI Sportsman of the Year award.


Jim Calhoun had cancer surgery last May.


Byron Mullins bangs all over LaMarcus Aldridge. So early in the game, too.





The sneakiest peak at Beyonce's upcoming documentary



J. Cole releases his extended version of “Louis Vitton” after the original came on on Fab's Soul Tapes 2.


DJ Smu compiled DJ Premiers productions from 2012.


Go behind the scenes for Joey Bada$$' national television debut on Jimmy Fallon.




Remember the Royal Wedding across the pond? The Royal birth might be bigger.


A student group in Ireland plans to sue Facebook over privacy concerns and issues.


Iran claims to have another U.S. Drone in their possession. The U.S. Navy denies the claims.


The New York Times describes how the coastline became a place to put the poor, and how sand dunes could have limited much of the damage of Hurricane Sandy, but was voted against because residents preferred flat beaches.


The Times also delves into cable TV's economic model, which basically involves cable channels producing shows that are just good enough to where cable companies can't afford not to carry them without subscribers canceling service. The profits are ridiculously high and the shows are just as good.


Arianna Huffington goes in on today's political discourse surrounding the fiscal cliff and the larger-scale problems about the conversation.


Meanwhile, the Simpson Bowles commission is a failure at this point, but not as bad as the failed supply-side economics the GOP is still pushing that is holding the country hostage.



The KC Star looks at Javon Belcher and Kasandra Perkins' final moments.



A$AP Rocky went on 106 & Park yesterday to release his album artwork and premiere his video with Kendrick, 2 Chainz and Drake.



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