Geno Smith Isn’t Selling Himself Short On The New York Jets Starting QB Spot

Geno Smith feels like he has a great shot at winning the starting job from incumbent Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. For most of the offseason, since Geno was drafted, it's seemed like Sanchez still had the inside track despite being abysmal last season. 

But the second-round pick out of West Virginia isn't about to butt-fumble this opportunity (note* butt-fumble became a socially acceptable term solely due to the actions of one Mark Sanchez, which is probably why Geno blew off his annual Jets West camp). 

Smith was taken in the second round with all the needs the Jets had because they want to start their improvement with the most important position on the field. Sanchez has been up and down since he came to the league in 2009, even with the Jets' initial success in his first two seasons. 

It also comes down to measuring Geno against other first-year guys we've seen have success recently (RGIII, Cam Newton, Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson). A promising rookie quarterback should be able to take Sanchez's job, especially under the circumstances.


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