Freddie Gibbs Says F*ck Colin Kaepernick, Supports Jay-Z On NFL Partnership

Last week, rapper and business mogul Jay-Z and the NFL announced a partnership that would focus on the league’s entertainment performances and social justice efforts.

Over the recent years, the topic of social justice and NFL has become almost synonymous with former San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick.  So when news broke out along with conflicting reports on whether Kap was involved, many were torn.

While some folks, including celebrities, believe that this new deal is a sign of change, others are considering it a capitalist move on Jay’s part—especially now that further news broke that the Brooklyn native might become an owner of an NFL Team. Not to mention, conflicting reports say that Jay never reached out to Kap prior to his deal with the NFL.

Many have voiced their opinions on the matter including rapper Freddie Gibbs, who took to his Instagram to give his hot take on the matter and show of support for Jay Z.

“I’m riding with Jay-Z, straight up. F**k Colin Kaepernick,” Gibbs said. “All y’all niggas marched for Colin Kaepernick and he took a settlement and aint tell y’all what he got or nothing. He settled. Let it go. Y’all hating on Jay-Z for tryna own something in the NFL. Y’all niggas some muthafuckin’ crabs”


The settlement the rapper is referring to happened back in February of this year, however, no one really knows what that settlement entails.  Still, the former quarterback has been showcasing his ability to still get a job in the NFL. This past weekend marked the three-year anniversary of when Kap first protested systemic oppression, which made the recent partnership that more awkward.

Kap recently posted on his Instagram what some are saying is a slight dig at Jay in response to his “what next” comments made at the press conference with Roc Nation and the NFL last week Wednesday.

Gibbs’ spicy take caught the eye of Kaepernick supporter, writer Jemele Hill. After calling out Gibbs, Gibbs and Hill confirmed they had a productive conversation about the entire situation.

More of this, please.

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