Kaepernick, Reid Reportedly Settled For Less Than $10 Million In Collusion Case

The exact amount still remains unknown.

According to Andrew Beaton of the Wall Street Journal, Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid settled for less than $10 million in their collusion suit.


While this may come as a surprise to some—who believed that the payout was somewhere between $60-80 million—reports further support that this outcome is exactly what was expected to happen.

When word first broke out that a settlement had been reached, Kap was still seeking employment with the NFL. Which led many to believe that the settlement amount wasn’t a huge as they initially thought.

Not to mention, the payments to Kap and Reid did not require the approval of team owners. Sources close to the case stated that the NFL’s Management Council Executive Committee voted unanimously to approve the settlement, without a vote of the member clubs.

However, it’s still unclear how the money will be split and exactly how much each player will receive after legal fees are assessed. And while it’s great to hear that all parties involved reached a consensus, Kaep still remains unemployed despite being vocal about wanting to play again. Reid on the other hand recently signed with the Carolina Panthers back in September.

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