Former Boxer from Montenegro Arrested In Miami In Connection With $1B Cocaine Trafficking Ring

Former heavyweight boxer Goran Gogic, 43, of Montenegro was arrested and taken into custody at Miami International Airport on the night of Sunday, Oct. 30 by federal agents, on charges linked to a massive New York drug-trafficking case according to reports.  During the arrest, authorities reportedly seized 22 tons of cocaine worth more than $1 billion as Gogic tried to board a flight to Zurich.

The official charges, according to a federal grand jury indictment, are one count of conspiring with others to possess and distribute cocaine found on vessels in the United States and three counts of violating the federal Maritime Drug Law Enforcement Act. Each count carries a mandatory minimum 10-year prison term with a possible life sentence. The charges date back to 2019, when authorities seized 22 tons of cocaine from three commercial cargo ships that were docked at Packer Avenue Marine Terminal in Philadelphia, Officials say the cocaine was transported from Colombia to Europe using American ports.

“These charges came as a surprise to him,” Gogic’s defense attorney Lawrence Hashish said in a statement. “He maintains his innocence and had come to the U.S. for a boxing convention in Puerto Rico.”

Gogic’s boxing career began in 2001 and ended in 2012. He competed in 27 fights throughout his career, mostly in Germany. He won 21 matches, lost four; two others ended in a draw. Fourteen of the wins were through knockouts.

He now allegedly works as a boxing promoter, according to Hashish.

His role as a boxing promoter seemingly included travel from Europe to Newark, New Jersey, and then to Puerto Rico for a boxing convention. A stop in Miami followed the convention, and Gogic was to head back to Zurich.

The feds dispute this idea that Gogic is a boxing promoter. Instead, they contend after his boxing career he became involved in an international drug-trafficking organization.

“The arrest and indictment of Gogic, a former boxer allegedly responsible for trafficking a staggering amount of cocaine, more than 20 tons, which he attempted to move through U.S. ports, is a resounding victory for law enforcement,” said Breon Peace, United States attorney for the Eastern division of New York. “The meticulous planning by the defendant and his co-conspirators failed to take into account the federal agents whose hard work resulted in this body blow to the organization and individuals responsible for distributing massive quantities of cocaine.”

Gogic reportedly was a “major trafficker” in the drug trafficking operation.

“Gogic, as alleged, is a major drug trafficker who, along with his criminal associates, is responsible for overseeing long-range narcotics transportation on container ships as well as the wholesale distribution of cocaine throughout Europe. Today’s arrest sends a message to narcotraffickers worldwide that they are not free to hijack international maritime commerce with impunity,” said Ivan J. Arvelo,Special Agent-in-Charge, U.S. Department of Homeland Security. “HSI, along with our partners, will continue to leverage our unique investigative authorities to aggressively pursue drug traffickers who seek to exploit legitimate industries.”

Gogic had his first court appearance before U.S. magistrate judge Lisette Reid in Miami federal court on Monday, Oct. 31, and his next hearing, regarding his detention and removal to Brooklyn, New York, is set for Nov. 7.

“Gogic allegedly conspired with drug suppliers, ships’ crewmembers, and port workers to traffic massive quantities of cocaine through the U.S. to Europe via commercial cargo ships,” said Wayne A. Jacobs, special agent in charge of the FBI Washington Field Office’s Criminal/Cyber Division. “His arrest demonstrates the FBI’s and our partners’ global reach and resolve to bring narcotraffickers to justice for violating U.S. laws and exploiting maritime commerce.”

Stay tuned for news of any more arrests associated with this reported drug-trafficking ring.

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