Former Cowboys RB Marion Barber Held For Mental Evaluation

 When ex-Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears quarterback Marion Barber retired from the NFL two years ago at the age of 28, it wasn't surprising. He was a missile out of the backfield who threw his body around with reckless abandon and his punishing stiff arm was the inspiration for the “Barber Rule’s” enforcement.

Given what we know about the mental deterioration of retired NFL players, Monday’s news is pretty worrisome.

On Sunday, Barber was taken into custody by police in Mansfield, Texas after a two hour confrontation that required the assistance of five units and was taken to a local hospital to undergo a mental evaluation.

Via USA Today:

Mansfield police spokesman Thad Penkala said it wasn't clear what led to the calls that prompted a response from police Sunday night. Penkala said officers took Barber to a hospital for a mental health check based on conversations with the former Pro Bowl back.

Penkala said Barber was not arrested or facing charges. He said police wouldn't know whether he was still hospitalized because they wouldn't be notified.


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