Folks Can’t Cope With Twilight Star Chosen As New Batman

People already hate the idea of Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne, but let’s give it a chance.

From Grant Gustin on The Flash to Chris Evans as Captain America in MCU, there are a myriad of examples in which movie studios and TV production companies have seized upon the perfect individual to portray some of our favorite comic book characters from days of yesteryear like no one else.

However, though we can’t couldn’t get enough Willem Dafoe as the Green Goblin in the first Spider-Man movie, we certainly could’ve done without Halle Berry as Catwoman or Storm.

Catwoman (2004) – leather scene HD 1080p

Halle Berry as Catwoman in leather pants and jacket fighting against thiefs

But it’s not as simple as whether or not a thespian can act the part, but a combination of acting, writing and directing. Be that as it may, the actor always gets the lion’s share of the blame whenever things run afoul.

There has been a great deal of speculation regarding who will don the cowl and portray Batman in the next big budget film for DCU, and Robert Pattinson was rumored to be the odds on favorite for at least the past two weeks. Well, now it’s official as the actor best known for his role in the “Twilight” trilogy will be The Bat of Gotham City.

As you might have guessed, people aren’t feeling the selection at all.

The movie, directed by Matt Reeves, is supposed to be ready to hit theaters June 25, 2021. Pre-production is slated to start this summer with the working title “The Batman”.

Past DC Universe films Batman v Superman and Justice League were expected to compete with the MCU and failed miserably before the Wonder Woman and Aquaman big budget offerings helped them save a bit of face in the shadow of overwhelming defeat at the box office.

WONDER WOMAN – Official Trailer [HD]

It begins with her. Gal Gadot is #WonderWoman. Watch the official trailer now! — Wonder Woman is in theaters June 2, 2017. Follow #WonderWoman on social media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: — WONDER WOMAN From Warner Bros.

Pattinson is slated to star alongside John David Washington in the Christoper Nolan’s “Tenet”, slated for a July 2020 release.

Right now, the internet runneth over with moans and groans regarding Pattinson’s selection as Batman, and while that might be cause for concern to Warner Bros, I’m going to be patient and wait for the finished product before throwing shade.

After all, the viewing public is often wrong when prognosticating on whether or not a one person or another is more deserving of a role. Remember all the hell they put actress Anna Diop through when it was announced she was Starfire on Teen Titans?

Starfire: Total Badass | Diner Fight – Titans 1×03 (1080p)

From Season 1, Episode 3. “Origins”. Titans – Starring – Brenton Thwaites Anna Diop Teagan Croft Ryan Potter Produced by Weed Road Pictures Berlanti Productions DC Entertainment Warner Bros. Television Distributed by Warner Bros. Television Distribution (U.S.) Netflix (International) All rights to go to its respective owners, companies and networks.

Fans, both black and white, clambered around the idea that Diop was too dark to play Starfire, despite all indicators that they’d likely use CGI as part of the finished product. Now, after a wildly successful season in which Anna’s Starfire kicked ass, there’s been nary a whimper about it.

At the end of the day, a great product is all that needs to happen in order for haters and geeks alike to enjoy a really good Batman movie. Here’s to hoping that happens.

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