Floyd Mayweather’s Daughter Pleads Guilty To Aggravated Assault With A Deadly Weapon, Will Get Probation

Floyd Mayweather’s older daughter recently pleaded guilty to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in her case in Houston.

According to reports, Iyanna Mayweather, the 21-year-old Money Team heiress, had her day in court to answer for the 2020 stabbing of Lapattra Lashai Jacobs.

According to reports, both women are mothers of two of rapper NBA YoungBoy’s reported seven children. He also has an eighth child on the way with his latest girlfriend.

Taking A Plea

On Wednesday, Iyanna pleaded guilty in a Harris County, Texas, courtroom and is facing six years probation for the incident. According to reports, her potential punishment also could include community service and restitution payments.

Her next court hearing is scheduled in Houston for June 16. The younger Mayweather lives in Las Vegas.

“We resolved the case between Iyanna and the state,” Yaya’s attorney, Kent Schaffer, said to Entertainment Tonight. “The agreement calls for Iyanna to be on deferred adjudication for a period of six years after which she will have no felony conviction and the case will be dismissed. She is eligible to have the deferred adjudication end after two years pending her good behavior.”

A Father’s Love

The self-proclaimed “TBE” or “The Best Ever” recently discussed how attentive he is to his daughter on “The Pivot Podcast.”

“My oldest daughter was going to private school. She lives with me, so every day, I drop her off at school. Her mother would pick her up, and when you go to the parent-teacher conference, I went, and I come to find out my daughter is the only Black kid in her class, that’s it, we can’t do this. So I put her in public school.

“My daughter was uncomfortable, and I felt bad and to this day I still feel bad about that, my daughter going to school being the only Black kid in her class, I feel bad about that. Sometimes her mother would tell me certain things, like, ‘Yo, she wasn’t being treated [correctly],’ and I’m like, ‘What, that school is a good school. What you are talking about?’ but then I had a chance to go, and I was like no wonder she’s feeling uncomfortable.”

A Grandfatherly Spotlight

He also discussed being a grandfather and dealing with the newfound attention on his daughter and family life.

“I just want the best for my daughter. I always want the best,” Mayweather said to Hollywood Unlocked back in 2020. “If that makes her happy, then we’re happy. Me and her mother [Melissa Brim] is happy.

“But, what I try not to do is get in her personal business. Because once she’s no longer under my roof, then you know what, it’s between her and her better half. But if you’re under my roof, you have to follow my rules, and I regulate things a certain way if you’re under my roof. But once you’re gone and you fly away from the nest, then more power to you.”

The stabbing incident happened when Iyanna was 19 years old. The victim, Jacobs, reportedly suffered multiple cuts to her arm. She was ultimately transported to a hospital for non-life-threatening injuries and required surgery.

Iyanna’s Newfound Fame

After Iyanna confronted NBA YoungBoy and the victim at his Houston home, the incident reportedly began with Iyanna declaring herself as YoungBoy’s fiancée. The attack allegedly happened when the confrontation moved to the kitchen, where Iyanna attacked the victim with knives.

“Although we believe that Iyanna was defending herself after being attacked, we thought this was the safest resolution for her,” Kent Schafer, Mayweather’s attorney, said in a statement to The Independent.

“This is especially true since her boyfriend and his bodyguards refused to testify; probably due to their own legal problems.”

According to reports, NBA YoungBoy is currently facing a federal firearms case in his native Louisiana.

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