“AB Is Just Misunderstood…He Just Want To Be Treated Fair “| Floyd Mayweather’s Willing To Bet A $20M Bag On Antonio Brown’s Redemption

Floyd Mayweather has taken his talents to South Beach for years. However, now he is bringing Antonio Brown into that orbit.

Mayweather joined “The Pivot Podcast” and guest Alex Rodriguez for a deep conversation about athletes and business. Ultimately, the conversation veered into the lane of Antonio “AB” Brown, where Mayweather sounded like a mix of big brother and athlete advocate.

The Mayweather Method

“AB, he’s still young, so I feel like, AB, he’s got a lot left in football; at least four more years. Super fast, he works out on the regular. But, you know, we out in Miami. Of course, I’ve been out here so long. Alex (Rodriguez) been out here so long just building, being smart, but you know, just being around other great athletes and guys that’s pushing to be greater and not just on the field or in the ring.

“I’m happy for guys like Alex, AB, great people, great families. I had the chance to meet AB’s mom, a great woman, and I think AB is just misunderstood, and he just want to be treated fair.

“This is for any team that’s watching right now, we’ll make them a deal if they sign AB and AB go through the whole season no problems at all, and then they got to give us $20 million, but if he mess up then we’ve got to give them $20 million. So if any team want to match that then reach out to us.”

AB’s New Bag

Since his departure from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, AB has been seen with a who’s who of celebrities from sports and pop culture. He was announced as a partner in Kanye’s Donda Sports, and now Mayweather is making blanket assurances to jump-start AB’s football career.

Part of their relationship also involves athletes being athletes, and no one is more competitive than Mayweather.

“AB was shocked at how fast I was,” Mayweather said, discussing his relationship with Brown. “I’m fast as any other receiver at my age because I took care of my body, and I push him to be better. I push him to be great. What we talk about is real.”

Keep Your Composure

Mayweather also dished on how both Brown and he have to respect their respective games even when they do them professionally dirty.

“I’m a straight shooter, meaning a lot of times your talk about fans — and we love our fans — but you’ll have a fan that will come up to Alex [Rodriguez], me, or AB and say, ‘Oh, I love you,’ and when a fan goes over to AB and tell AB, ‘Oh yeah, that was f**ked up, f**k the NFL.’ No, he’s not going to say ‘f**k the NFL’ and then take a picture with you; that’s not cool because he knows you from the NFL.

“Just like I can’t say, ‘f**k boxing’ because, without the sport of boxing, people wouldn’t know who I am. So we can’t say that, and I told him, the NFL has made you millions, and I’m proud of AB because he’s saved so much money; a lot of people may think he spent a lot of his money, but he saved a lot of his money.”

Young OG

Mayweather’s clarity in business might translate to better success for AB if he reenters the NFL or any future endeavor he pursues. However, the biggest gain to AB is a young OG’s perspective on how to maneuver on the global stage.

In the words of Jay-Z, Money Mayweather is “showing you how to move in a room full of vultures.”

Being The Janitor

“You’re either an asset or you’re a liability, and if you’re a liability, then you don’t need to be around me,” Mayweather continued. “I don’t need no liabilities, and this is what I tell people within my company, within my team: Do it my way.

“Because if you mess up, I don’t mind being a janitor to clean up the mess, because I told you to do it a certain way. But if I tell you to do it a certain way and you do it your way and it messes up, then I don’t want to clean it up, because that was your f**k-up, not mine, and that’s just how I look at it.”

How Mayweather looks at it, all AB has to do is listen.

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