Five Former NBA Superstars We’d Love To See As BIG3 Ballers

As Ice Cube’s BIG3 professional basketball league was wrapping up its playoffs and determining the two teams that will vie for the championship on Friday night in Brooklyn, a bit of controversy ensued when a reporter from Let’s Get It Sports asked Killer 3’s member Stephen Jackson, a former NBA champion with the San Antonio Spurs, if he thought Kobe Bryant, arguably one of the top five players to ever do it, could hang in the BIG3. 

Jackson, who is known to shoot from the hip and the lip more often than not while in the NBA and as a commentator on ESPN, jokingly lost his cool when responding.

Stephen Jackson Rips Reporter Over “Could Kobe Bryant Handle the Big3?”

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That got us thinking about the other basketball players, besides Kobe Bryant, that we would like to see play in the BIG3 soon!

Vince Carter

Last season, he only averaged five points per game for the Sacramento Kings, but the 41-year-old small forward has plenty of bounce in his legs and is a bear for anyone to guard. The BIG3 lends itself to isolation and good three-point shooting, both of which Carter would excel at in a league that is relatively smaller and much older compared to the National Basketball Association.

Vince Carter 2017-18 Sacramento Kings Highlights

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Kevin Garnett

One of the things that makes the BIG3 so exciting is the competitiveness and fire of the players, some of whom were All-Stars at one time or another. But there are very few in this league that you would have called “legendary” in their prime. 

However, Kevin Garnett definitely fits that mode. Garnett, who won an NBA championship with the Boston Celtics and averaged 21 points for his career, has always been fiery and his ability to hit the midrange shot will not have diminished with age. As the saying goes, “You’re jump shot is usually the last thing to go when you’re old”.  Also, he’s still 6-foot-11. Length is at a premium in the BIG3, and skilled length is a needed commodity for both.

Ultimate Kevin Garnett Highlights

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Michael Jeffrey Jordan

I know this sounds silly, but I’d love to see a geriatric Michael Jordan get out there and show us what he’s got. Though I can’t imagine him having the legs to stay in front of men 15 to 20 years younger than him at this stage, his legendary competitive nature would be hard for anyone of any age to match. Plus, it’s half court. So, it’s not there’s going to be a lot of running around or chasing people in transition. 

Just post up and shoot that ol’ reliable fade away jump shot. He scored 43 points in a game at 40 years old. But can he score 55 in the BIG3 at 55? Yup, I’d pay to see that. 

Michael Jordan Full Highlights 2003.02.21 vs Nets – 43 Pts, 1st 40 Yr-Old To Score 40, MUST Watch!

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Paul Pierce

Paul Pierce has had an old man game since coming into the NBA out of the University of Kansas. He can score in bunches with an array of moves, has great size and ball-handling, knows how to get under other player’s skin, is a Hall of Famer and can talk smack with the best of them, which seems almost like a prerequisite in the deliciously chirpy BIG3.

Paul Pierce Final Season Offense Highlights Part 1 (NBA RS 2016/2017) – The TRUTH!

Made: SpetroV. Paul Pierce’s NBA career, which began in Boston and almost certainly will end in Springfield, is coming to an end. The NBA veteran said that the 2016-17 season will be the final of his career.

Steve Nash

Steve Nash, because handling, passing, and shooting don’t have an expiration date. Period. Plus, he’s a very smart player, which is another attribute that doesn’t expire. Yeah, he’s 44 years old and likely can’t jump over a grain of salt, but he really wasn’t too athletic, to begin with. Wiley quickness and behind the back passes, four-point bombs and questionable defensive effort! Yup, yup, yup! Sign Nash up!

Steve nash last game

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