Fans Showed Up To Watch The Buffalo Bills In Toronto And Got Treated To A Rob Ford Show

On Sunday, Rob Ford packed into Toronto's Rogers Centre and garnered more attention than the uh…let's see here. Oh right, the Buffalo Bills and Atlanta Falcons. Let's be real, the Falcons and Bills were the main attractions, but Ford stole the show. That's not the only thing he stole. According to The Toronto Star, Ford reinforced every drug addict's stereotype by creating an awkward situation when he stole a seat that belonged to musician Matt Mays. He probably would have sold the seat for a little cash if there weren't so many people watching.

Even before that, Ford was creating a disturbance in the stands. I'm not talking about Mays complaining about Ford sitting in his seat or the fans who began approaching him for autographs and photos while he watched the game.

Via Toronto Star:

At the Bills game, Ford was treated like a rock star.

“I want to shake your hand. You’re the best, buddy,” one man said approaching the mayor.

Ford said little, just nodded and smiled.

“He’s a man of the people,” one man said after getting a photo with Ford.

Asked if he’s a Rob Ford fan, Mays shook his head, “I’m a Bills fan.”

Mays didn’t even think about asking the mayor to move. He suspects Ford’s seat was toward the middle of the row, not on the aisle.

“I didn’t say anything to him. I’m a passive guy, so I’d rather get it out via a tweet.”

Mays tweeted that Ford was in his assigned seat and the tweet went viral.

From behind Ford, a man shouted, “Hey Rob, time to get the Bills in Toronto for good.”

Ford turned his head and responded, “I’m working on it.”

There was little time for Ford to watch the game because there were so many interruptions. As it progressed, the situation became a security nightmare.

A woman said she was denied a photo with the mayor because he said, “I’m going to do something at halftime.”

The Rogers security guard said almost everyone was pleasant with the mayor.

No. Have you seen the photos of him devouring those chicken wings? Either they were boneless or he just decided to scarf the bones down as well. The Globe And Mail even posted a play-by-play of Ford's scene-stealing public appearance. By the way, Buffalo squandered a 24-31 lead and lost 34-31 to Atlanta, but the fans got their money's worth thanks to Mayor Ford.