Even In Defeat, The Rise Of Patrick Mahomes II Continues

With all due respect to the dominant passers of the past decade, the new NFL is here and now.

The Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes II  continued his assault on the record books by going 33–for–46 with 478 yards and tossing six touchdowns in a 54-51 loss to the Los Angeles Rams. It was the highest-scoring game in MNF history.

It was a challenge for the road warrior Mahomes playing at the LA Coliseum, but he still became the first QB to throw six TDs on MNF and the third to do it twice in a season since Ben Roethlisberger in 2014. The iconic Y.A. Tittle is the only other player in history to do so. The game was tied at halftime and went back and forth throughout the night. After a combined 105 points were scored, time ran out on Kansas City and Mahomes.

What you saw was a glimpse into the future of the NFL featuring these two young, dynamic quarterbacks. A future where the defenses are lax and young gunners such as Mahomes and Goff throw up video game numbers on a regular for offensive supremacy. It was the first NFL game in history where both teams scored 50 points each. There were 1,001 total offensive yards gained between both teams.

And there’s Mahomes, right in the thick of things, emerging as a leader while the sport evolves in real time. He already has 37 passing TDs and his two losses this season are both by a field goal. Kansas City has to be ecstatic, even in defeat, about the resolve of their young QB against a ferocious pass rush. He took big hits, made some mistakes, rebounded and you never got the feeling that KC was out of the game.

In fact, most fans felt that Mahomes could drive KC down the field anytime he wanted, because Mahomes has an hier about him. The electricity of his game is magnetic and he inherited an arm cannon passed down from his father.


The future is scary. At 9-2 defenses still, haven’t found chinks in his armor. The gunslinger mentality conjures memories of Dan Marino, John Elway, and Brett Favre — guys who had the guts to go downfield, the confidence to make the impossible throw and the unconscious ability to shake off a pick and come right back with a winning strike.

He probably wants back those three picks, but that’s just part of the process. He was trying to go for the win. Can’t knock his hustle. 

“I think I gave them 21 points through turnovers,” Mahomes said. “At the same time, we still control our own destiny and come back with the mentality that we can win and get home-field advantage.”

Mahomes II is a different breed. With all due respect to Tom Brady, Philip Rivers, Matt Ryan, Drew Brees, Big Ben and the dominant passers of the past decade, the new NFL is here and now. Guess who’s leading the charge?

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