Eric Reid, The Last Disciple Finally Gets To Eat

The blackballing of  All-pro safety Eric Reid has “officially” ended with the three-year deal he signed with the Carolina Panthers on Monday.

Jesus was crucified on the cross so that the sins of his unfaithful enemies would be revealed and the loyalty of his disciples would be justly rewarded. Same with Colin Kaepernick.

Not in the biblical sense, but in the football sense. Kaepernick’s bravery has been lauded by every social and human rights organization and he’s won awards from all of the major publications. He even scored a lucrative Nike deal for his social activism.

Kaepernick is free to continue to change the world. The only thing he can’t do is play football in the NFL. For awhile, Eric Reid — one of  Kaep’s closest disciples and fellow habitual anthem-kneeler — was being blackballed as well.

As a result, Reid was hurled into NFL purgatory for his bravery in kneeling against social injustice and police brutality.


The Carolina Panthers finally signed Reid in Week 4 of this season.  The All-pro wasted no time proving that he was being blackballed. He stepped into an already formidable defense, immediately became a starter and finished the year with 71 tackles, five passes defensed and one interception in 13 games.

That performance earned Reid a three-year contract to remain with the Carolina Panthers through 2021.



“I feel comfortable here. I was excited just to get (the deal) done,” Reid said. “I fit well into this defense.”

Reid wasn’t the only player other than Kaepernick to kneel during the anthem over the past three seasons, but he is the only other player to have an active collusion grievance against the league. 

In addition, Reid found himself on an island when he fractured from the Players Coalition because he believed that the $90 million deal Malcolm Jenkins and Co. brokered with the NFL owners was a payoff to stop the players from kneeling.

Without the support of the players, he was an easy target for the vindictive owners. By failing to show solidarity with the Players Coalition, Reid became public enemy No. 2 and the last active connection to Kaep’s protest.

After making him sweat for three weeks, Carolina swooped in and picked up a guy who will be one of the strengths of their defense entering the 2019 season. 

Reid paid his dues to the cause and the league, and was probably the most faithful Kaepernick supporter. Now, he gets to eat again. He’s certainly earned it.

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