Eric Reid Honors Colin Kaepernick On MNF With Custom Cleats

Eric Reid continues to honor the selfless imapct of  Colin Kaepernick despite being the NFL’s public enemy No. 1.  

Eric Reid payed a price for being one of Colin Kaepernick’s frontline soldiers in the explosive, divisive and controversial anthem kneeling saga that dominated the headlines during most of the 2016 and 2017 season.

Being blackballed by the owners forced him to join Kaepernick in his collusion lawsuit against the league.  On the other hand, his fractured relationship with Malcolm Jenkins and The Player’s Coalition left Reid without the support of those who once shared his passion the most. 

Even after Kapernick was banished from the NFL, vindicated in the court of public opinion and cashed in on his struggle with a historical Nike deal, Reid was still looking for a job.

It wasn’t until late September that Carolina signed Reid to help fill a defensive void at safety. Kaepernick ‘s been out of the league for two years and players have agreed not to kneel during the anthem anymore.

But Reid’s maintained his loyalty to Kaepernick. On Monday night against the Saints, he honored his ex-teammate.

Eric Reid on Twitter

My cleats for tonight. Much thanks and appreciation to the artist @2cent_bmike. Here’s his take on the inspiration behind his design, “It’s a tribute to the history of protest , centered around the quote “if not us , who? If not now, when? ” meaning we all benefit and stand on…


Reid’s return to the NFL hasn’t been easy. When he arrived back at his locker after the Panthers lost their sixth-straight game on Monday night, he was drug tested for the seventh time since he joined the franchise 11 weeks ago.

Eric Reid on Twitter

Number 7… “Random


Reid obviously feels like a target. If the league can catch him slipping, any rules violation can be used against him in his collusion grievance case.

Reid has few friends in the NFL, outside of the guys on his team. But his loyalty to Colin Kaepernick and the fight to end social and racial injustice, and police brutality, remains solid.

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