Emoni Bates Has NBA Vets In His Corner | Here Are 5 Other Players He Should Be Seeking “Advice” From

Cleveland Cavaliers second-round pick Emoni Bates helped lead the team to the NBA Summer League championship in Las Vegas and was named to the All-Summer League second team. Bates, once seen as a lottery pick, had a rough college career due to an injury and poor off-court decision making. But it looks like he’s worked his way through that, and he has the support of some NBA veterans. There are others he should be taking advice from too.

“I’ve got a lot of [NBA] vets in my corner… Of course, Donovan [Mitchell]… Also, Ja Morant, Dejounte Murray, Miles Bridges, Carmelo Anthony, and Kevin Durant,” Bates said during summer league. “They all just tell me, like, ‘stay in the gym.’…For me to have those guys to talk to, it means a lot.”

Donovan Mitchell and Dejounte Murray are as professional as they come and close to Bates in age. There will be a way they can relate to him that an older player or vet might not. Being on the same team with Mitchell is big; he can see what it means to work diligently at your craft.

Carmelo Anthony has retired, but his game is the stuff of legend among fellow players; there is a reverence Bates will have for him. Plus, Melo can speak to Bates directly of the early pitfalls as a young player in the league.

Durant’s work ethic is legendary. He’s not a call-you-up-and-encourage-you guy. But if you want to see how to work and take each rep seriously, there is no better teacher.

Now some of the players Bates mentioned might not be the best guys to listen to at the moment.

Ja Morant will be suspended the first 25 games of the upcoming season for his reckless off-court behavior and Miles Bridges just missed the entire season as he was being investigated for domestic violence. He will also miss the first 10 games of the upcoming season.

While those aren’t the best examples right now of people to listen to, The Shadow League has compiled a list five other players from whom Bates should seek “advice” while he’s at it.

Zion Williamson – Relationship Advice

The New Orleans Pelicans forward is about to become a father for the first time with a woman named Ahkeema. Zion also reportedly has a relationship with a woman named Moriah Mills, who has expressed being displeased with the baby news. Mills has been ranting on Twitter and exposing texts and intimate acts between her and Zion for the last month. Zion can teach Bates how to handle intimate relationships.

Trae Young – How to handle your head coach

The Atlanta Hawks turned the franchise over to Trae Young the day he was drafted and heading into his sixth NBA season; he’s already on this third head coach. Young has earned the dreaded label of “Coach Killer.” Whether he likes it or not, these are the facts. Young can certainly teach Bates the finer points of player and coach communication.

Ben Simmons – How to add to your game

To be fair, the Brooklyn Nets swingman has been dealing with a back injury. He’s also been All-NBA, All-Defense and a multi-time All-Star. But heading into his sixth season, he has yet to develop the willingness to shoot the basketball. Forget about the ability to make shots. He won’t even take them. What does Simmons work on in the summertime? Perhaps he can share with Bates.

Kyrie Irving – Public Relations

Irving signed a three-year $120 million extension with the Dallas Mavericks this summer. What’s the over/under on how many games he plays in those three years for Dallas? No player in the league can alienate teammates and a fanbase quicker, yet still possess a loyal hive of fanatics like Irving. He can teach Bates how to think only of himself and still receive love from the people.

Kyle Kuzma – Fashion

There are a lot of NBA players who would lay claim to some kind of “fashion crown,” but Kuzma might take the cake. His sartorial choices are bold and unique. He can certainly teach Bates how to stand out.

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