Whoa! Moriah Mills Claims Zion Williamson Physically Abused Her | Then Zion Posts Biggie’s “Suicidal Thoughts” Song On IG!

Just when the Zion Williamson drama with Moriah Mills seemed to slow down, she just turned the heat way up on her accusations against him. In a TikTok video, the former adult film star continued her claims of being owed money by Williamson but now added that he physically abused her during their relationship.

“I’m tired of saving face for this man that’s completely disrespecting me to the world, and I have to take this,” Mills said hiding tears behind glasses. “Every time I come to the internet, people are bashing me because of this man, literally, and I’m tired of it. He said he’s going to send me $62,000. I have yet to receive that since June; he’s literally a liar. He’s not who he says he is.

“I’ve literally been saving face; I did not want to come to the world and let you guys know what he has been doing to me, my entire relationship with him; he is a woman beater and the NBA needs to know this. I literally did not want to come to this because I know he has so many endorsements, but Zion Williamson is a woman beater, and the reason he was paying me off is so I won’t come to the world and tell everybody.”


Say It Ain’t So…

If Williamson had image issues before, Mills just turned up the heat on his crisis management.

Recently, Mills was accosted in Beverly Hills with her French bulldog by TMZ, and when asked about Williamson, said they were “chill, yeah, we’re good.” She claims he “can’t get enough of this,” but refused to comment on his pregnant girlfriend, exotic dancer Concrete Rose. Mills first erupted online against Zion after seeing the lavish gender reveal party he threw with Rose.

When asked if she wants his baby, she responded, “we’ll know in a couple of months.”

Paging Coach Prime

Mills shocked the world when she got a face tattoo with the words “Zion.” In the recent video, the tattoo wasn’t visible, but she said, “All I can say is I have on makeup now, so…”

She’s suggesting more players want the Mills effect, as she claims interest from athletes has risen since airing out her grievances with Zion.

“A lot of basketball players have been contacting me since they found out about me and (Zion).”

Somebody also page Coach Prime and Brittany Renner for a lesson on the dangers facing professional athletes in the dating world because the toxicity looks to repeat. The normally silent Williamson posted a pointed song by The Notorious B.I.G’s first album called, “Suicidal Thoughts,” which is not a good state of mind to find the baller.

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