Embiid Says Suck It, Triple H Loves It | Former WWE Wrestler Wants To Return Love For Embiid’s Embrace Iconic Celebration

We love drama, and nothing shouts drama more than a bogus fine being assessed for an iconic celebration in one of the most competitive sports in the world.

Especially on “Rivals Week”, the NBA’s first-ever week of basketball where rival teams face each other. Teams that hate each other, have a historied past with one another, or have close proximity to each other and are always vying for dominance over each other. Or, in this case, have a matchup of players that want to rip each other’s heads off. 

This rivalry in particular between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Brooklyn Nets featured former Sixer Ben Simmons and MVP candidate Joel Embiid, two former teammates. 

The Sixers were able to come through with the win, but Embiid was fined during the game because of an iconic wrestling celebration gesture.

The Crotch Chop

WWE Legend Triple H’s “DX Crotch Chop” gesture has been a Joel Embiid signature for the past few years during his rise to superstardom. While the celebration normally goes unpenalized, the refs didn’t make an exception to it on Wednesday.

Embiid hit a crazy and-1 circus shot that made the crowd go crazy, and The Process fed into his fans’ hype, performing the gesture. It was a close game that made the moment all too real, as the Sixers wanted to beat the Nets and Simmons.

Embiid was fined $25,000 for the celebration, chump change to someone making $33 Million this year. But regardless of the price, Embiid could have some financial help if he chooses to accept it from another sports legend. 

Recently retired WWE Legend and current chief content officer for the WWE Triple H himself took pride in the current Philadelphia superstar borrowing his iconic gesture, offered to pay for Embiid’s fine and more if it meant that Embiid could continue to flaunt the DX Chop. 

Curious, @JoelEmbiid…If you wrote a bigger check now, could you get a volume discount to cover the rest of the season?? #IllChipIn #SuckIt,” Triple H tweeted after Embiid was fined for his celebration.

You gotta love basketball. But you also have to love wrestling as well.

Embiid hasn’t responded to Triple H’s offer yet, but he likely doesn’t need help handling this fine. The $25,000 to Embiid is probably the equivalent of losing a few dimes and nickels in between the couch. 

The fine was most likely because officials felt Embiid’s celebration was an obscene gesture with him thrusting his hips in a suggestive and offensive manner. But NBA officials weren’t the only ones who didn’t take a liking to Embiid’s celebration.

Kevin Durant Didn’t Like Embiid Celebration 

Kevin Durant also put his two cents in on Twitter, as he often does. 

KD tweeted “Trash Celebration” on Twitter immediately after Embiid performed his celebration.

KD didn’t play, obviously, because he’s been out for weeks with an MCL Sprain, and KD and Embiid definitely have a heated rivalry between them as well, so it’s obvious Durant wasn’t feeling Embiid’s display toward his team.

Embiid felt no way about Durant’s comment. As a matter of fact, he had a hilarious response for the forward. 

Embiid copying Triple H’s motto, replied to Durant saying “#SuckIt” along with a video compilation of him doing his celebration while butting heads with KD in the video, as well as some clips of Triple X’s wrestling with his introduction music. 

Embiid is arguably making a name for himself as one of the pettiest players in the league, an he may eventually reach Shaq’s level. 

Maybe if Triple H can put forward a larger fee for the fine and pay toward further infractions, we can see more of this hilarious behavior as Embiid continues on his MVP-caliber season.

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