Dwyane Wade Turns Back The Hands Of Time, Scores 28 In Game 2 Win

Dwyane Wade had a turn back the clock moment on Monday night, scoring 28 crucial points in Miamis 113-103 win over the Sixers in Game 2 of their Eastern Conference opening playoff series. Wade was killing it on offense and defense and had 21 points in the first half. 

The stars came out to watch the Sixers— who trashed Miami 130-103 on Saturday — go up 2-0 in the series and pick up steam for a run at the golden ball. Actor Kevin Hart and Allen Iverson sat courtside together and Iverson talked smack while Hart thought he was Spike Lee in The Garden against Reggie Miller in the 90s.  

That opposing Philly pride obviously motivated Wade and after draining his 28th point in 26 minutes he had some words for Hart and A.I. near the end of the game. He had to remind them of who he was real quick. 

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@DwyaneWade talking trash to @KevinHart4real during the game (via @MiamiHEAT) https://t.co/OFdtgnNDB6

Wade reminded everyone. 

The NBA world and certain analysts have been forcing the Sixers to the chip narrative down our throats of late as Brett Brown’s club ran off 17-straight wins, but like any fleeting bandwagon perception, after Miamis bounce-back performance tying the series at 1-1, the clarity of playoff life begins to take center stage. 

The young gun Ben Simmons had a formidable game, but without Joel Embiid, Wade ate Philly cheese steak for dinner last night and introduced the regular season Eastern Conference contenders to playoff NBA hoops. Wade, who also passed Larry Bird for the no. 10 spot on the all-time scoring postseason list in the second quarter, is the best candidate to walk these young and talented Sixers through the steps of playoff ascension and disappointment. 

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The @MiamiHEAT grab the 113-103 W to tie the series at 1! D-Wade leads the way with 28 PTS & 7 REB. #WhiteHot James Johnson: 18 PTS.

Even as retirement approaches, the games truly great players always find a way to leave their imprint on games and create defining moments for their legacy –, especially in the playoffs. From age 38 to age 40, Michael Jordan played 142 games as a Washington Wizard. He set records for the oldest player to do so many things, including scoring 40 and 50 points.

Unless he has more tricks up his sleeve, Wades equivalent to Jordan scoring 51 points at age 38 is his 28 at age 36 against Philly in the 2018 playoffs. The streets have been talking and they say Wade is washed. That has to be motivation for the future Hall of Famer to show he can still compete at the highest level. The tweet he got from wife Gabrielle Union may have been his true inspiration. 

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The Sixers finished 8 games better than Miami in the regular season, but everything changes in the playoffs. Its just different and unless you are an NBA fan and not just a fan of a wave, you might get perplexed by what you see transpire on the court. OGs like Wade, who have already experienced playoff intensity at its highest, always save some funk in the tank for the postseason run. Philly needs to take notes right now and if they are fortunate enough to advance to the next round or further, they can thank Wade for the higher learning. 

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