Dwight Howard’s Decision Before The Decision

Dwight Howard hasn't been good at making big decisions since entering the NBA. First he wanted to stay in Orlando and win titles, then he wanted to leave. He doesn't want to be compared to Shaq, yet he stole his nickname and now, both of his teams. He may or may not have asked for trades to Dallas, Brooklyn and LA; and that was all when he was under contract.

Now that D12 is a free agent, the stakes are higher and the decision-making even tougher, given all of his options. He could play in LA with Kobe and a boatload of cap space in 2014, Houston with James Harden, possibly Josh Smith and lots of strippers, or Dallas with Dirk Nowitzki and the possibility of Mark Cuban creating a TV show around Howard…not to mention his hometown Hawks or the upstart Warriors. 

But before that, Dwight has an even bigger decision to make: Where should he make the biggest decision of his life?

According to sources (Yes, someone has a source in Dwight Howard's vacation crew), Howard is deciding between mountains in Colorado and Montana. Here's his agent on the matter.

Clean air! Maybe that's what was missing the whole time. 

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